The best clips from the wonderful Awesome Games Done Quick 2016

It's too late to be late again.

The latest Awesome Games Done Quick - the wonderful video game speedrunning charity event - finished over the weekend, raising a whopping $1.2m.

As always, AGDQ showcased incredible gaming skill with a raft of eye-catching runs. Here are our favourites clips from the January 2016 event.

Here's Stepmania, a DDR simulator. The speed starts off incredibly fast, and then things get even faster.

This Super Mario Maker team relay race is brilliant fun (race starts at 27.41):

Look at the finishing times for both players on this Super Mario Kart marathon (race begins at 10.20).

Here's good old TASbot playing... Brain Age. And Here's how it works.

One of the few world records set at the event was for Velocity 2X. Here's the run:

And finally, here's Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - blindfolded.

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