Watch a Destiny fireteam take apart the game's hardest challenge

The Taken King's raid beaten with no deaths, in just over an hour.

King's Fall, Destiny's latest raid and toughest challenge, has now been beaten flawlessly.


Fireteams of six players are now managing to beat the activity without a single death.

Destiny clan Respect the Physics recorded their flawless run below, which clocks in at just over an hour.

The six players reach the raid's final boss just before the hour mark thanks to an impressive display of teamwork.

Like Destiny's original raid Vault of Glass, King's Fall requires all members of your fireteam to divide themselves up and each take on various tasks at certain points.

It means that any weak links in your group are quickly shown up - there's no hiding at the back with a Gjallarhorn and hoping for the best (hello, Crota's End).

Fair warning, there's a few swears and obviously full spoilers for King's Fall:

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