Destiny: The Taken King - King's Fall raid guide

Our complete walkthrough for the King's Fall raid in The Taken King, from preparing your team for battle to taking down Oryx himself.

The King's Fall Raid is already being hailed as a classic by Destiny aficionados, one that's rich with puzzles that require the entire team's contribution, and packed with gripping fire-fights that keep trigger fingers constantly busy. This guide gives you a tour of all the key aspects of the King's Fall raid.

Preparing for raiding in The Taken King

Bungie recommends a Light Level of 290 for a reason. A team comprising mid 280s will struggle in the early sections and almost certainly fail agonisingly towards the end. Just know this before you go in to prevent nasty surprises.

Your ideal fireteam will be Light 290+, armed with Light 280+ weapons that include high impact sniper rifles for the bosses. Carry plenty - at least 20 - Heavy Ammo synthesis. You might even consider Primary Ammo synthesis too because, at the time of writing, Primary drops are crucial but somewhat scarce.

How to organise your team for the Taken King raid

The King's Fall Raid rewards a strict methodical approach. Its main encounters require coordination and communication, executed at speed and with precision. One of the things you can do before arriving on the Dreadnaught is to settle on two teams of three that will see you through from beginning to end. This is especially helpful for carrying weaker players.

On that note, however, be aware that there are no starring roles in the King's Fall Raid. Everyone plays an important part, and the raid demands everyone's full attention and willingness to learn on the fly. You might, however, nominate 'captains' for team one and team two, for ease of communication and for managing certain responsibilities.

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Court of Oryx statues

Two teams take responsibility for the safe carriage and delivery of six orbs to the statues which line the walls of the Court of Oryx entrance corridor. Team captains collect one orb each and then place them, simultaneously, at the base of the statue that with an empty sphere.

As soon as the orbs are picked up, adds spawn and a barrier is raised blocking the entrance. The rest of the team focuses on killing the adds, and breaking down the barrier. When it's safe to do so, the two captains rush to the statue and place the orbs together on a count of three.

The remaining orbs appear further out each time, to the left and right, from the starting point at the bridge. They're easy to spot and collect, so it's just a case of having good support from wingmen that clear the adds and shoot out the barriers. Upon delivery of the final pair of orbs, the portal in the Court of Oryx opens and the Raid proper is on.

Navigating the pendulums and Tomb Ships

This is the first of two jumping puzzles, with only a small firefight at the end to look forward to. Immediately after exiting the portal, there's a room with colossal swinging canisters to jump onto. You'll likely make it across these the first time, but you'll respawn quickly if you fail. The next area is much trickier though, consisting of a huge cavern with Hive Tomb Ships patrolling a set route, carrying you to a distant launch pad.

After leaping onto the first ship from the starting platform, the idea is to hop onto a series of incoming ships at the moment that your present ride vanishes. It is essential to have your subclass agility set to its highest, with maximum height, and to know how your subclass jumping capability works - triple jump, for example. The first batch of ships appears as follows:

  • Behind and to the right
  • To the right and in front
  • Below and to the left

This takes you halfway to your destination, and a checkpoint.

After hopping down for the first ship, the second batch of ships appears as follows:

  • Slightly below and to the left
  • Duck beneath the next ship along
  • Straight in front from the right, requiring a pre-emptive jump as high as you can go
  • Ahead and slightly above
  • Above and to the left
  • Below and to the left

This final ship takes you to the docking station, and soon your way out.

This next puzzle requires the team to clear the docking area of adds before nominating two guys to hold down pressure plates situated left and right of the platform - these open the portal seen ahead. The remaining players ride the ship to its destination, killing adds before stepping on similar pressure plates allowing the two stragglers to take their ride and rejoin the group.

There is a Calcified Fragment on the central pillar in the exit chamber before leaving.

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