Don't dare go AFK against Street Fighter 5's R. Mika

Mic drop.

Street Fighter 5's R. Mika can K.O. her opponent in just a few hits - but don't worry, the chances of it happening are slim to none.

Mika's V-Skill sees the wrestler whip out a microphone to deliver a speech designed to pump herself up and whip up the crowd into a frenzy.

The longer her speech lasts, the more her damage is buffed. As Khaos Gaming reveals in the video below, (via EventHubs) if Mika is allowed to finish her speech, the damage buff is huge.

It means her command throw deals 80 per cent damage and, as we see, K.O.s poor Ryu, who had already taken some damage from a previous hit. It's pretty devastating.

However, it's incredibly unlikely that Mika will get the chance to finish her speech in a match. While the V-Skill has one hit of armour (you can absorb a single attack), all it would take to ruin her moment is a second hit.

But, if you ever find your opponent AFK mid-match, you know what to do.

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