Watch a Malboro monster take out Noctis and co in Final Fantasy 15

Bad Breath.

As you'd expect, Final Fantasy 15 has veteran Final Fantasy monster the Malboro. Now, watch it take out an entire party.

At Gamescom today Square Enix revealed new, in-development footage of Final Fantasy 15 that showed Noctis and co stumble upon a Malboro while travelling through a location set in the second half of the game - a swampy valley where the horrible monsters live. They will jump out to ambush you with the Bad Breath area of effect attack if you're not careful.

"You'll never be able to defeat this monster if you rely on physical attacks," Tabata said, while sipping a pint of Kölsch.

Tabata also talked about the development team's ongoing effort to add an airship to Final Fantasy 15. It's found it's technically possible to include an airship that flies about as high as a bird, but whether it makes it into the game at launch remains up in the air.

Some had hoped Square Enix would use Gamescom to announce a release date for Final Fantasy 15, which has been in development since before I was born. But during its live stream, Tabata said the company wasn't yet ready to announce the launch date, despite knowing what it is.


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