Overwatch's newest character is Soldier: 76

UPDATE: 10 minute gameplay video released.

UPDATE 10th July 2015: Blizzard has released an unedited, 60 frames-per-second 10-minute gameplay video showing off the newly-announced playable character Soldier: 76.

The video is captured from an early version of Overwatch, which goes into beta later this year. We see Soldier: 76, who plays in a traditional first-person shooter fashion, on the defending in Hanamura, a Point Capture map set in Japan.

ORIGINAL STORY 7th July 2015: Overwatch, Blizzard's six versus six team-based shooter, has unveiled a new character, Soldier: 76.

Blizzard put out a couple of videos focusing on Soldier: 76, one of which shows gameplay footage. It looks like he plays in a more traditional first-person shooter style, at least compared to some of the heroes already revealed for the game.

There's also a backstory video for Soldier: 76. His real name is Jack Morrison, the former leader of the Overwatch group thought killed in action. He now fights to avenge the fall of Overwatch and restore it to its former glory.

Soldier: 76 is the 15th playable character to be revealed for Overwatch, which is still in alpha. A closed beta is expected to launch later this year.

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