MGS5's seedy Quiet figure has squeezable boobs

Metal Gear Squalid.

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has shown off a questionable new feature for the upcoming Quiet figurine.


Writing this morning on Twitter, Kojima revealed the figure was built using "soft materials" that allowed for elements of the well-proportioned toy to be "pushed and lifted, lol".

Pictures included with the tweet show off the figurine's breasts being squeezed grubbily between two hands.

The Quiet figurine is designed by manufacturer PlayArtsKAI and shows off Metal Gear Solid 5's sniper wearing her controversial, skimpy in-game outfit - a revealing black bikini and a pair of torn black tights.

The playset also comes with an alternate Quiet head that sports smudged black camouflage mascara.

You also get a number of guns, knives and alternate hands.

Kojima previously explained Quiet was designed to be "sexy" so fans would "want to do cosplay" and also ensure that "its figurine sells well".

Quiet's voice and mo-cap artist, Dutch model Stefanie Joosten, has also said the character's design was somewhat unexpected.

"Of course, I was surprised to see Quiet's outfit at first," Joosten said. "But, you know, it fits in the Metal Gear universe. I don't think I'm allowed to say a lot about this, but, well, Mr. Kojima has his reasons for deciding why Quiet [is] wearing what she's wearing. Players will just have to look forward to that."

For contrast, Kojima then tweeted pictures of an upcoming Raiden figurine. He wears a full set of armour, and there's no suggestion that his body is malleable in the same way. (Though Kojima did at least include a crotch shot.)

Eurogamer has contacted Konami for comment and will update if the publisher responds.

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