Watch Destiny's leaked cinematic for The Dark Below DLC

Get your first look at malevolent alien Crota.

Destiny's The Dark Below expansion aims to add context to all the shooting and loot-hunting that's made Bungie's FPS such a success, and now we can see how, sort of, as the intro cinematic to The Dark Below has been leaked.

YouTuber Mr. Jester6598 somehow has a copy of the game with the DLC - or at least its opening cutscene - installed and has revealed how Bungie is kicking off this new, more story-based expansion.

In it, we get our first look at Crota, a three-eyed stone-skinned alien wielding a glowing green sword. The narrator suggests that he's not the most pleasant fellow and perhaps we should all work together to defeat him before he sets his sights on earth. "He will turn his eyes to earth and only a true hero of the light can stop his wrath," we're told. There ya go. Story!

The Dark Below is due on 9th December.

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