State of Decay dev announces F2P mobile RPG Moonrise

Is still working on an Xbox One State of Decay successor.

State of Decay developer Undead Labs is collaborating with mobile publisher Kabam on a free-to-play fantasy RPG called Moonrise.


Set for iOS and Android devices in 2015, Moonrise is described by Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain as a "multiplayer creature-collection RPG". It's to feature strategic real-time online combat, colourful 3D graphics and character customisation.

"Just as we wanted to create a fresh take on the zombie genre with State of Decay, we wanted to create a fresh take on the creature RPG with Moonrise," explained Strain in a blog post. "Moonrise builds on the core foundation of collecting creature companions, with deeper team mechanics, real-time combat, a strong multiplayer core, and console-quality art and animation. And, of course, it's playable on a device that most of us already have in our pockets or backpacks."

Just because Undead Labs is working on Moonrise doesn't mean that State of Decay is over and done as Strain teased an upcoming Xbox One project in the vein of that survival sim.

"Our commitment to State of Decay is stronger than ever," Strain explained. "Survival fantasy is in our DNA, and always will be. While I can't talk specifics yet (and believe me when I tell you how hard that is), the long-term partnership with State of Decay publisher Microsoft we announced in January, and collaboration with author J.L. Bourne [Day by Day Armageddon] we announced last week, are all in service to something. Or perhaps I should say some things. And I think it's safe to say those things will be exciting to State of Decay fans.

"But those things - particularly when they're big things - require time; for planning and design, for R&D and new technologies, for business and contract discussions, for new platforms to mature, and for a whole host of things that need to get done before you can unleash a full, chomping-at-the-bit game development team. So while the core State of Decay team continued to work on those things after the release of the game last summer, we built another team to take on a new project we'd been thinking about, which became Moonrise."


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