The Last of Us - Fun and Games, arcade, water fight, Listen Mode

We've got a few tricks to help you win Left Behind's water fight, and unlock a trophy or two as you play through the DLC.

The next part of our walkthrough covers how to get the most out of the arcade section of Left Behind, and get an extra trophy while you're here.

Fun and Games

You're back in Boston now, and when you open up the door you'll find a carousel on the other side. Get on one of the horses and take a ride while telling a few jokes. Once you've had enough, go into the courtyard and use the photo booth. After looking around a little more, you'll eventually find a note from Winston in a kitchen.

Follow Riley up the escalator until you come to an arcade. If you want to pick up an extra trophy, make sure you play with the Jak X machine. When you're done, head to the fighting game and beat Black Fang by following the directions you're given.

Now follow Riley through the door and down the corridor until you come to another door with an exit sign on it. Once you pass through it, you'll find yourself inside a warehouse full of mannequins. Keep working your way through the warehouse until you trigger a cut-scene.

After this, you'll need to complete a water fight with Riley. You can use Ellie's Listen mode to make it easier to locate Riley. Make sure you shoot her before she can shoot you, and if you hit her three times you'll defeat her and unlock another trophy. The next cut-scene concludes this chapter of the DLC.

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