Crown of the Sunken King - Finding the Cave of the Dead, Rockshield Baldyr

How to track down the elusvie Cave of the Dead, and survive the ambush from Rockshield Baldyr as you make your way there.

Once you've finished off both bosses in this zone, you can explore the Cave of the Dead. Here's how to find the cave, and survive the attack from Rockshield Baldyr as you make your way towards it.

Find the Cave of the Dead

After defeating the second boss, make your way back to the big bridge in Shulva, Sanctum City where the dragon attack occurred. Go over the bridge, then use the Eternal Sanctum Key you picked up in the last section to open the left-hand door.

When you reach the next room, you'll face off against a pair of sorceress enemies. One of them is very close by, while the other is over on the opposite side of the room. Kill them both, then open the chests here and take all the goodies inside.

Once you've got them all, climb the nearby ladder, and then carry on up the stairs in front of you. Climb the next ladder you come to on your left, but be ready to finish off the three creatures that are waiting for you at the top.

When they're dead, go up the next ladder right in front of you. Take the Sanctum Shield from the chest you find at the top, then go back down the ladder again, turn left at the crossroads, then head over the bridge and make the approach to Shulva, Sanctum City once more.

Rockshield Baldyr

As you get to the end of the bridge, you'll be attacked by Rockshield Baldyr. If you get too far from him, he'll launch vicious ranged damage at you, but up close he'll try to stick you with a spear. First things first, get off the bridge so you have more space to work with.

Wait for his first flurry of attacks to finish, then slip in behind him and dish out your own damage. When he strikes again, roll out of the way and simply repeat this strategy until he's dead.

After you've killed him, head towards the next bonfire and light it. Now keep on going and give the red pillar by the cave a good whack. This will bring the lift into use - use it to gain access to the Cave of the Dead.

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