Crown of the Sunken King - Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, boss guide, weaknesses

We've got some essential tips and tricks to help you beat the final boss of Dark Souls 2's Crown of the Sunken King content.

Sinh shouldn't give you too many problems, as long as you're away of his special attack patterns, and when you should throw a little damage of your own his way. We'll show you how to kill this scaly boss, and wrap up the first DLC content for Dark Souls 2.

Sinh the Slumbering Dragon

Start this fight by getting into position and hitting at his feet. As soon as Sinh leaps into the air above you, stay either underneath him or to his rear to avoid the fire damage that's on its way. This will also leave you in a nice position to continue attacking him when he returns to earth. Just be aware that if you choose to stay right underneath him, you risk taking some damage as he lands.

Should Sinh fly well away from you at any point, he's preparing a dive attack. Keep moving constantly, and be ready to roll away from danger when he dives down. If he stands up on his rear legs at any point, he'll breathe a cone of fire directly in front of you. Start attacking his tail or his legs when this happens.

Be ready to move out of the way when he's finished, however, as he is capable of turning around quickly and dealing some fairly bothersome damage - again, roll out of the way if you see him shift. As a general rule, you should try to exploit this boss's long attack animations to dish out the bulk of your damage.

When this creature's dead, grab the Crown of the Sunken King from the far end of the room, along with the Yorgh's Ring that's in the corner.

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