Super Mario Bros. beaten in under five minutes

NES classic completed in world record time.

How quickly can you beat Super Mario Bros.? There's a new world record holder who's done it in under five minutes - the whole thing, without cheating.

Mario speedrunner Blubbler's attempt clocks in at 4:57.69 - a new world record. The previous record was 4:58.09 - just a second slower.

But it's hard to see how much this new run could ever be improved upon. Every jump hits the mark and every enemy is neatly avoided.

One tricksy moment in level 8-2 sees Blubbler skip the post-flagpole walk to the castle by arriving at the same time as a passing Bullet Bill.

There are other, hidden techniques at work too. Note how the run cunningly avoids any time-consuming ending level fireworks (when you finish a level with a time ending in 1, 3 or 6).

Hitting the flagpole top every time also allows you to enter the ending castle faster - around 11 frames each time, which all adds up.

Watch the run in full below:

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