Cow Simulator 2014 built for Divinity: Original Sin

Garden of Edam more like it.



They're always having fun.


So why not make a four-player co-op mod for Divinity: Original Sin about cows?


Oh thank god - someone has.

The point of Cow Simulator 2014 is to highlight the Divinity Engine Toolkit that comes with the game. It lets you build solo or multiplayer adventures and tinker with every aspect of the game, and then export it all to Steam Workshop.

Apparently there hasn't been a multiplayer editor like this since Neverwinter Nights, which had an enviable modding community that probably still exists. For fans of this - Divinity - upcoming turn-based and impressively deep co-op RPG that should be welcome news indeed, because in the community's hands, content should never dry up.

Divinity: Original Sin launches in full this Monday, 30th June. It's out on Steam Early Access already, but that's only around a fifth of the total game.

On Monday, developer Larian will join me for a live play session of Divinity: Original Sin, which will be streamed on Twitch and then uploaded separately to Eurogamer's YouTube channel.

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