Bohemia details Arma 3 'how to play' Bootcamp update

Bespoke new sandbox training modes.

The depth of military simulation Arma 3 both keeps people playing and puts people off. Bohemia's free Bootcamp update aims to address the latter issue.

Detailed in a new blog post, Bootcamp is a suite of bespoke new training tools that ease new players into the game.

There's a Bootcamp campaign, a Virtual Arsenal, Multiplayer Bootcamp, Virtual Training and VR Training.

Virtual Training strips back everything - textures, environments - to laser-focus on specific gameplay mechanics. VR Training goes a step further, offering a sandbox textureless training environment where different things can be spawned for different reasons.

Bootcamp gives lessons on how to install mods in Arma 3 - something fundamental to enjoying the series - and includes the first iteration of the Game Launcher, a separate executable that organises, maintains and launches mods.

There's no specific date for Bootcamp's release, but game director Jay Crowe mentioned an "impending" launch on the development-branch server in the blog.

Bohemia detailed the Arma 3 roadmap for 2014/2015 earlier this year. The post included plans for an expansion pack to be released in late 2015.


An image from the new VR Training mode.

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