ID@Xbox title Sixty Second Shooter Prime launches today

Could this be the Xbox One's Geometry Wars?

Microsoft's sixth ID@Xbox title, Sixty Second Shooter Prime, is now available to download on Xbox One.


It costs 3.99 in the UK.

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is a twin-stick shooter where you only have one life and a minute on the clock. Gameplay revolves around keeping yourself alive for as long as possible while racking up points.

You can gamble whether to allow enemies to build up for bigger combos, or delve deeper into the game's levels where the risk (and reward) is greater.

Sixty Second Shooter Prime was launched in an earlier form as a Chrome game (and you can play it for free if you fancy trying it out) before heading to PlayStation Vita.

Its Xbox One release comes after developer Jamie Fristrom was allowed time off by Sony and his Kickstarter backers from his next game, Spider-Man-esque building swinger Energy Hook, to work on the Xbox One version.

Today also saw the release of Outlast, the actually-quite-scary horror adventure previously launched on PC and PlayStation 4.

Hear Fristrom explain the game much better in the gameplay video below.

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