How to play the Trine Enchanted Edition beta

Platforming classic updated, now available to try.

Magical platformer Trine is now available to try in its Enchanted Edition, which reworks the game into the beautiful Trine 2 engine.


The original version of the game will remain available, but Trine's Enchanted Edition will also offer Trine 2's online multiplayer.

The new version is still in beta, but anyone who owns the original game can play it for free via Steam.

Right-click Trine in your Steam library, select Properties, then Betas. Finally, enter in the code "TrineEEBeta2014".

The new Enchanted Edition will then appear in the game's launcher as a fresh option for you to boot.

"This is still under development and just the Beta-version," developer Frozenbyte has warned. "Bugs and issues are likely to occur as it is still a work in progress."

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