Creepy horror Outlast available for Xbox One today

Asylum seeker.

Atmospheric horror adventure Outlast launches today for Xbox One, Microsoft has announced.

It costs 15.99 in the UK.

Already available on PC and PlayStation 4, Outlast sees you explore the Mount Massive Asylum, an abandoned psychiatric hospital. There are no weapons in the game - instead you must use stealth and parkour (running away, basically) to survive.

It's not the first game to be released on Xbox One after other formats, but is another indicator of Microsoft moving past its insistence of only allowing titles that have launch parity with other platforms.

"Stop and peer too long into Outlast's gloom and you'll see the zips on the monster costumes," Rich McCormick wrote in Eurogamer's Outlast review. "Take it at at speed and you'll find a haunted house worth visiting."

Look below to see Eurogamer's scaredy-cat YouTube editor Ian Higton play through Outlast and its Whistleblower DLC (which is also on the way to Xbox One).

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