Podcast E3 Special!

Bertie, Chris and Tom B pick through everything that got us excited.

What's happening, listener(s)?!

Like you, we have spent most of this week with our eyes fixed on Los Angeles, where the helicopters (if not the Xboxes) got cameras. We've had conferences from Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo, not to mention all sorts of other news, and there's been a lot to process.

Now things have quietened down a little, Bertie, Chris Donlan and I got together and went through the conferences one by one and all the other little delights that have come to our attention. Like Code Name Steam! The game that isn't Advance Wars but scratches the same itch. And Bloodborne! The game that isn't a Souls game but scratches the same itch. We're very itchy, is the general theme.

Anyway, we have opinions on those and about 48 other things, hopefully some of which will scratch some sort of itch for you. Enjoy.

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