EA shows next-gen Mirror's Edge conceptual footage

It's fast, snappy.

EA showed concept footage of the new Mirror's Edge game during its E3 conference. No release date was announced.

The DICE team talked about its design decisions while heroine Faith leapt acrobatically in the background, swiftly downing opponents before sprinting on.

It was fast and fluid and not bogged down in showy animations.

Broadly, the move-set of Mirror's Edge 1 is being built upon so Faith can do more. And, crucially, she can also go her own way - and it's in exploring that you'll really figure her out, understand what she can do.

You'll also come to better understand her motives and why she does what she does. In other words, it sounds like DICE has the nerve this time to forego lots of shooting and offer a purer parkour experience.

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