Gunpoint developer is releasing a free grappling hook game today

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing.

Gunpoint developer Tom Francis is releasing his free grappling hook-based platformer Floating Point on Steam later today.


Available for PC, Mac and Linux, Floating point tasks players with zipping about an abstract 2D space full of floating cubes in order to activate beams. It's a bit like the VR missions in Bionic Commando Rearmed, but a lot more open-ended, as you can latch onto surfaces at any angle, so there's more room for improvisation. There's even underwater grappling where gravity is inverted.

Your only goal in this minimalist platformer is to collect points, which increase as you grow your multiplier by hitting obstacles. As you gain momentum, you start to glow and the music - by Form & Shape - kicks into high gear as you leave behind patterns of your aerial exploits.

"It's a peaceful game about swinging gracefully around randomly generated levels," wrote Francis on his blog. "It's played entirely with the mouse, it's easy to play, you can have fun with it in five minutes."

Floating Point doesn't yet have a trailer, but you can see its genesis in a developer video Francis put together in late April.

Jump to about 6:30 to see Floating Point's early build in action.

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