Evocative adventure Night In The Woods is coming to PS4

"A game about the inevitability of death… and pizza parties."

Surreal, nostalgic coming-of-age adventure Night in the Woods is set for release on PS4.


Night in the woods may look silly - and it is - but there's a solemn undercurrent underlying all the goofy dialogue and cute characters.

Originally a successful Kickstarter venture for PC and Mac by Aquaria co-creator Alec Holowka and animator Scott Benson, the subtly somber affair follows college dropout Mae the cat as she wistfully bums around her hometown of Possom Springs wondering what to do with her life - or even just the afternoon.

Having played a 15 minute demo of Night in the Woods at GDC, I was struck first by how funny it is, then by how melancholy it is. It seeks to capture the wonder and anxiety of young adulthood where the days move too fast, but life moves too slow. Or maybe it's the other way around? Time's a bit screwy during that time, I reckon.

Like Gone Home before it, Night in the Woods focuses on the disquieting nature of one's home changing at an alarming pace as they return to find things aren't quite the same as they remember. Your friends are bummed out, the new generation of teenagers think you're old and lame, and there's something not quite right going on in those woods...

"Night In The Woods is a story about letting go and holding on," said animator Scott Benson on the PlayStation Blog. "We wanted to create something that got into some ideas that were kicking around in our heads, themes that hopefully resonate with a lot of people. We wanted to create characters people could identify with and the kind of town a lot of people are from, but with more talking animal people."

"Alec probably summed it up best: Night In The Woods is a game about the inevitability of death... and pizza parties."

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