Watch someone run around a huge Battlefield Hardline map all on their own

Shooting glass, flying choppers, blowing stuff up.


The Battlefield Hardline leaks keep on coming: this time someone has released a 10 minute video showing off beta gameplay footage from the PC version.

The video, which is on Facebook, shows a player mess about inside the High Tension map all on their lonesome. There's sporadic gun fire, driving of vehicles into walls and the odd get to the chopper moment. Oh, and plenty of smashed windows.

While the mode selected is Blood Money, there's not much point to Hardline's cops and criminals gameplay when you have the world all to yourself.

Battlefield Hardline, developed by Dead Space maker Visceral in conjunction with DICE, focuses on the war on crime, with the tagline: "Fight to serve and protect, or serve yourself." In the game you can organise a hostage rescue as a SWAT or stage an elaborate bank heist as a criminal. Either way, Battlefield's trademark teamwork is required, as cops need backup and criminals need a crew.

It's due out this autumn on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Expect more at E3 next week.

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