Watch Dogs - Open Your World, kill the guards, laptop hack, Badboy17, Clara

We'll show you how to eliminate every guard in Open Your World, locate the access code, track down the laptop and escape in one piece.

An annoying pack of guards stands between you and your first objective in the Open Your World mission. We'll show you how to pick them off cleanly, find the access code you need, hack the target laptop, then get out of dodge before the police can fill you with holes.

Open Your World

- Meet with Badboy17

- Reach the ctOS Executive Offices

- Enter through the underground loading zone

Go downstairs towards the next waypoint marker and you'll trigger a cut-scene. Now head to the next objective marker, which involves accessing a building via a loading zone. There's a guard waiting for you outside, so get as close as you can to the red zone on your mini-map, then trigger the alarm on the van that's up ahead. The guard will head off to investigate the noise, giving you the opportunity to sneak up and deliver a takedown while his back's turned.

Now take cover by the van located just inside the loading area. As soon as the coast is clear, shuffle over to the left-hand side of the van, remaining in cover at all times. Distract the next guard by closing the loading zone door, then knock him down when he comes wandering along.

That's two guards taken care of. Now target the car that's just up ahead of you and to your right. Trigger the alarm to catch the attention of the third guard. As soon as he spots his fallen comrades he'll come over to investigate, giving you a nice clear opportunity to take him out.

With all of the nearby guards out of action, look for the camera ahead of you and to your right, then hack it. If you look all the way over to your right, you'll be able to see one more guard who's packing some explosives. Don't blow him up yet, but just make a note of his location. Now hack the camera that's just to the left of the guard, and use it to hack the next camera on the far right wall. You should now be able to spy a hacking spot that can be used to unlock the door.

Once you've unlocked the door, go to the left of the van, then take cover behind the second van located around the corner on your left. Access the first camera you hacked to find the explosives-wearing guard, then trigger the explosives to deal with the guard himself. The noise this creates will attract the attention of another pack of guards. Run as quickly as you can through the door when the coast is clear.

- Locate a guard with the access code

There's a camera just beyond the drinks machine ahead of you. Hack it, then look left and zoom in on the guard at the end of this area. If you can't see him, wait for him to patrol into view. This chap has the access code you need, so hack him as soon as you can.


Try to sneak - rather than shoot - your way around dense packs of guards.

- Hack the access point to breach the unsecured laptop

Now you've got the code, hack the first camera once more. You'll be able to see two explosive traps lying on the floor, as well as another guard carrying explosives. Let the guard wander onto one of these traps, then detonate the explosives he's carrying. When the second guard comes to investigate, set off the explosive traps on the floor to finish him off as well.

When both guards are down, take cover behind the drinks machine and just wait for the next guard to come wandering along. Take him down, hack the drinks machine to attract the attention of the fourth guard, then take him out when he's close by.

You've got just one more guard to deal with on this floor, and two more on the second floor. That remaining guard blocks the staircase though, which means you need to eliminate him while remaining out of sight of the two guards upstairs.

Circle all the way around the edge of the room until you get to the corner by the stairs. Keep an eye above you at all times to make sure you're not attracting any attention. As soon as you get close to the corner, hack the camera on the wall and distract the guard downstairs. Take him down while he's investigating.

Now go upstairs and just wait for the guard at the very end to enter the room that's marked on your map. As soon as he's moved inside, sneak over to the remaining guard and take him down. All you need to do now is sneak up on the last guard and finish him off. You're now free to hack the nearby objective.

Once again, you'll need to complete the hacking mini-game before heading into the final part of the mission.

- Hack the laptop to upload a virus and give Clara access

- Escape the plaza

- Escape the Police scan undetected

When the hacking game's complete, you'll be in charge of a camera. Look dead ahead and you'll see a hackable laptop. Once you've hacked it, you need to get out of the building as quickly as you can. If you like, you can stealth your way around the upper floor, avoiding all of the police. Alternatively, you can run from the room, go down the hall on your right, and head through the door. You'll pass through some gunfire as you do so, but as long as you keep running you should be able to get to the door without dying. As soon as you've left the building, jump into a car and then evade the police to finish up the mission.

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