Watch Dogs - Backseat Driver, avoid the police, blockade, fugitive, garage hack

How to reach your objective without getting caught by the police, then escape the blockades that stand between you and mission success.

It's very important that you make it to your destination without being detected by the police in Watch Dogs' seventh mission. We'll show you how to get there stealthily, then dodge the police blockade so that you can make it out in one piece.

Backseat Driver

- Reach the West Island for the driving contract

- Reach the fugitive undetected

Make your way to the mission marker to get Backseat Driver started. As soon as the mission is triggered, hop into a car and head to the next waypoint. When you you approach this next section, the police begin their pursuit. You need to avoid all of the yellow circles marked on the map as you make your way to the contact. Don't be afraid to take a long route via side alleys to get this done. If the police land right on top of you, just get out of range as quickly as you can.

A police unit will land on you the moment you arrive at the final destination, so just scoot off temporarily to lose the heat, then return to where you were. The cops will show up once more, but this time around you should find it easy to get to the garage and hack it to start the next part of this mission.

- Escape the lockdown area undetected

Leave the garage and head right. As soon as you arrive at the main street, take a left and tail the police car - just keep a little distance between the two of you. As soon as the police vehicle turns right, take a left, then another left at the intersection ahead. Doing so puts you behind the police blockade on your left. Take a right and you'll have a clear run at your next waypoint marker.

- Deliver the fugitive and avoid all detection

Open up your map and manually add a GPS marker for the next destination, which you'll need to arrive at without being detected by the police. Keep a close eye on the mini-map at all times, avoid the attention of the authorities, and you should have no trouble finishing up this mission.

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