Watch Dogs - Hacking Contract, 2XTheTap, hacker, Online Contracts App, Online Hacking

Our guide to getting started with the Online Contracts App, tracking down 2XTheTap, and preventing his escape with extreme prejudice...

This light but useful mission introduces you to the Online Contracts App element of Watch Dogs, where you hunt down and hack players in a tense game of cat-and-mouse. Here's how to track down the mysterious 2XTheTap, and put a stop to his nefarious activities.

Hacking Contract

- Find 2XTheTap

- Kill 2XTheTap before he evades

- Access the online contracts

As soon as you arrive at the waypoint of your next mission, you'll be interrupted by what appears to be an online hack. Grab a car as quickly as you can and make your way towards the would-be hacker. As soon as you reach his general location, you'll need to look at every pedestrian wandering around to specifically identify the person who's after you. As time passes, the search window will narrow, making it easier and easier for you to find the culprit.

Once you've located the hacker, kill him using either a regular takedown if you're close by, or by shooting him if there's too much distance between the two of you. Just make sure he drops to the ground before he can escape. When you're done, simply open up your Online Contracts App and select Online Hacking to request a target. Once you've finished up this side-contract you'll be able to return to the main single-player campaign.

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