Watch Dogs - Backstage Pass, access code, hacking game, evade guards, crane

How to find the access code you need, eliminate every guard standing in your way, and get a taste of Watch Dogs' tricky hacking mini-game.

This is the first mission where you'll really have to think carefully about how you eliminate the guards protecting one of your objectives. We'll walk you right through the process of clearing out the security forces quickly, so you can get a first taste of Watch Dogs' hacking mini-game.

Backstage Pass

- Locate a guard with the access code

- Hack the guard with the access code

- Use access code to reach the sewers

- Leave the area

Leave the gun shop and open up your map to find the location of your next mission. When you get to the building indicated, go around to the east side to find a ramp. Before you climb over the fence to access the area, look for a camera over on your right. Hack it, then use the crane in front of you to eliminate the threat from the guards ahead.

Now switch over to the camera that's just behind the crane. This will help you view the patrolling pattern of the guards inside. Right in front of your camera's view is an explosive device. Hack it to kill the guard nearby, then switch between cameras until you find the guard who has the access code - this is the only hackable guard in the mission. While you're messing around with the guards, resist the urge to detonate the explosives one of them is carrying as you'll need this later on.

As soon as you've got the code, climb up onto the wooden palettes, then climb over the fence. Head towards the container you dropped onto the guards earlier, then get into cover behind the palettes just inside the entrance to the building. Now hack the cameras again until you find the guard who's carrying the hackable explosives.

You now have to deal with just a single guard between where you are and where your objective marker is. If you hack the explosives being carried around, you'll divert the other guards, but make it much tougher to escape when you've finished your work here.

Instead, get as close as you can to the guard ahead of you, then use his camera to look at the object behind him and create a distraction. When the guard turns his back to you, dart in and deliver a takedown. You'll now have immediate access to the hacking point just ahead.

At this point you'll have your first brush with Watch Dogs' hacking mini-game, where you have to rotate a collection of nodes to allow a current to flow towards an objective. Once you've aligned all of these nodes into their correct position, you'll gain access to a new camera.

Point this camera directly ahead to locate the final hack required in this mission. Once you've finished your task, you simply need to leave the building the same way you came in. Just be aware that there's a single guard remaining, and he's loitering at the end of the walkway you're currently on. Wait until he moves out of position, go back the way you came, then hop over the fence until you're street-side. Make sure you're outside of the circular marker on your map to complete the mission.

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