Watch Dogs - Signature Shot, tailing, smuggler, weapon buyer, weapon

We'll show you how to secretly tail your target to his hideout, grab the weapon without being detected, then escape the scene of the crime.

For the third of Watch Dogs' DLC missions, you'll have to tail a smuggler without being detected, locate the weapons buyer lurking by the hideout, then grab the weapon before making your escape. We'll walk you all the way through the process.

Signature Shot

- Profile to locate the smuggler

Pick up this contract by heading to the Brandon Docks district. Once you've started the mission, switch on your mobile profiler, then get in a car. Make your way to the waypoint close by, then hack into the camera that's on the southern side of the building. Hop between the cameras until you're able to profile the person outside the building. Make sure you've got a vehicle close by, as you'll need to follow your target as soon as you've located them.

- Tail the smuggler to his hideout

- Enter the target area and locate the weapon buyer

Keep trailing the smuggler, and make sure you don't get spotted or you'll fail the mission. When you arrive at the hideout, try and stay a little bit back from your target so he doesn't spot you when he exits his vehicle. Hack into the camera on the corner of the building, then look to the right to switch to the next camera along. Now look down to find the buyer.

- Hack the buyer's cell phone

- Acquire weapon from the safe

Hack your target and then make your way over to the other side of the building. Hack the camera near the roof, then look to the right to find another camera - it's just to the left of a forklift truck. When you've switched to it, look right to find an unlocking point. Interact with it, then scan the whole yard so you can pinpoint the location of every guard.

If you want, you can take out these guards as they patrol away from each other, but you can actually dart in and hack the cabinet without killing anyone if you prefer. Just sneak in and grab the weapons quickly.

- Kill all enemies or leave the area

As soon as you've grabbed the weapon, kill any nearby enemies, or simple run away from the scene of the crime as quickly as possible. Just get beyond the white circle on your mini-map to automatically finish up this mission.

From cameras to guards, we'll help you get to grips with hacking in Watch Dogs.

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