Watch Dogs - The Palace, SoSueMe, hard drives, stealth

How to infiltrate SoSueMe's mansion, finish off your target, then unlock all ten of the hard drives that are scattered around town.

The next part of Watch Dogs' DLC mission content has you infiltrating SoSueMe's mansion to finish up a hacking job. Once you're done, you'll have to track down and hack nearly a dozen hard drives spread all around the city. Here's our guide to completing this second DLC mission.

The Palace

- Reach SoSueMe's mansion

- Hack to gain access to SoSueMe's mansion

You'll find this next contract near the starting point of the Breakthrough mission, just south of The Loop district. As soon as it starts, jump in a car and make your way to the mission marker in the Parker Square district. When you get there, hack the gate to the east of the big building, then park your car right up against it - you need a quick getaway vehicle when you're finished here. Carry on towards the next marker.

When you get near the building, you'll see a pair of guards appear on your mini-map. Get into cover in the bushes just ahead of the first stairway. Hack the camera up and over to your right until you've identified both guards. Keep an eye on the one moving to and fro by the hack point. When he's not looking at you, dart inside and interact with the hack.

- Find and activate the ctOS boxes

Now you're on the hunt for a couple of hackable boxes. Head in a south-easterly direction from where you are, then peek around the corner until you can see the patrolling guard. Hack his camera, then look left and switch over to the camera on the next floor up. Look left again, switch to the next camera on the roof, then aim it up and to the left so you can hack the first box.

When you've finished hacking, wait for the patrolling guard above to turn his back to you, then dart back into cover within the plants. Wait until security has moved out of your way, then dash upstairs, head around the corner on your right, then make your way up the next set of stairs you come to.

Keep going around the balcony until you come to a new guard. It's possible to dart around him when he moves off and hack the box quickly, but you can knock him out if you prefer. Just make sure you don't alert any other guards by doing so.

- Access and hack the ctOS server

- Hack SoSueMe's laptop

Make your way back downstairs towards the hack point, while keeping your eyes peeled for that patrolling security guard. Finish the hacking mini-game, then hack into the laptop that's sitting on the table when you're done.

Take down SoSueMe

Once you've finished hacking, watch the cut-scene and then run as fast as you can to the car you parked by the building earlier. You need to catch up with your target as fast as you can, otherwise he'll escape, or you'll become overwhelmed by firepower.

The next job is to track down all of the hard drives that have been scattered around the city. You'll see them all marked on your map, but just be prepared to do a little fine-combing of each area when you arrive. These hard drives can be tucked away upstairs or in lifts, and very rarely do they appear at ground level. Once you've hacked the lot, you'll finish up this mission.

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