Watch Dogs - Breakthrough, convoy, interception, escape

We'll show you how to track down your objectives, finish the guards standing in your way, then take out your targets before making an escape.

The first of Watch Dogs' DLC missions, Breakthrough, has you chasing down a pair of targets who are making their way through the city in a convoy. It's easy enough to catch up with them, but you'll need to destroy their guards without eliminating them in the process. Here's how to do it.


- Immobilize the two targets before they can reach their destination

You'll find this first DLC contract to the south of The Loop district - head to the uppermost floor of the parking garage to find it. As soon as you begin, you'll have to intercept a pair of chasers before they can reach their objective - you mustn't destroy them at the same time though, otherwise you'll fail the mission.

Make your way towards the convoy, and then get into cover behind your vehicle. Pick a busy road if you can, so that you have plenty of extra cover should you need it. If you're really lucky, you'll be able to bring traffic to a standstill here, and cause the convoy to back up a bit.

First things first, take out the pair of guards in the convoy's leading vehicle. Shoot them, then get into cover before their friends show up. Once you're in a position of relative safety, pick off everyone you see except your two main targets - they need to stay alive, after all. Stay out of the way of any grenades that come your way, thin out the numbers, then deliver a non-lethal take-down to your objective enemies.

- Kill all pursuers or escape

When you've dealt with both of your targets, jump into your car and escape the scene as quickly as possible - just make sure you're completely outside of the white circle on your mini-map. If you prefer to kill everyone left standing you can, but obviously it's a bit more risky and time-consuming.

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