Watch Dogs - Gang Hideouts, main targets, rewards, Spec Ops weapons

How to track down and clear out all of the Gang Hideouts hidden around Watch Dogs' world, and bag some juicy rewards at the same time.

There are a total of fifteen Gang Hideouts to track down in Watch Dogs, spread across three phases that are gradually unlocked as you play through the single-player campaign. Here's a quick breakdown of the rewards you'll receive when working through each phase.

PhaseRewardMission Unlock
1 $2,500 Thanks for the Tip
2 $5,000 Jury-Rigged
3 $10,000 A Pit of Paranoia

You should also be aware that you need to talk to a certain number of citizens to discover the locations of these compounds once you've unlocked them. It shouldn't take too long, but if you're missing just one or two, head to a densely populated area of the city and start profiling people. If you're lucky, you'll also get clues for some other bonus mission content.

As well as a cash reward, you'll also receive other rewards for reaching certain milestones in cleaning up the city:

Clear 1 Gang Hideout AK-47
Clear 5 Gang Hideouts Rapid Reload Skill
Clear 10 Gang Hideouts Spec Ops SMG-11
Clear 15 Gang Hideouts Bases Base Achievement/Trophy

Gang Hideout 1: Port Authority, Brandon Docks

Approach from the south-west and make sure you stay out of the restricted zone. Now hack into one of the nearby cameras, then use it to switch between the rest until you've got the position of all the guards, not to mention your target who's lurking around on the second floor.

Next, make use of your Spec Ops 1911 to clear everyone to the south of this building. Now head north, sticking to the west side. Just keep picking off the guards now until only the main target is remaining. Use cover to sneak up on him, then take him down.

Gang Hideout 2: Packing, Brandon Docks

Approach the target location from the south. Before you reach the compound itself, wait by the south-eastern wall, then hack into the camera that's mounted high up on the building north of your position. Use it to switch between all local cameras, tagging enemies as you go.

Your main target can't run away, so use the cameras to detonate explosives and take out the majority of the security forces. Once you've thinned the numbers out a bit, use your Spec Ops 1911 to pick off any stragglers. If there are enemies left in clumps, chuck an IED in there to show them you mean business. When the guards are dead, sneak up on the main target.

Gang Hideout 3: Swap Meet, The Wards

Head to the east gate and then look for a camera to the north. Hack it, then tag all the guards as you shift your way around the restricted zone. Don't forget to tag your main target while you're at it too. Once everyone's tagged, head back to the dumpster on the eastern wall.

Climb on top of the vehicle, then make your way onto the platform above you. Pick off as many guards as you can with your Spec Ops 1911, but try to wait until they're far away from any other prying eyes before sniping them. Keep taking out targets as you sneak your way towards the main kill.

Gang Hideout 4: Compliments for the Cook, The Wards

Approach from the north and get into cover quickly behind the pile of construction goods. Hack the nearby camera, then tag all the guards as well as the principal target. Use Lures to create distractions, then take out the guards with your 1911. When you've polished off security, head in for the main kill.

Gang Hideout 5: Union Dues, Parker Square

Head towards the target area from the north, then jump on the blue lift by a building. Hack it, but make sure you get into cover along the edge so you don't get noticed by the guards further up. There's an enemy waiting for you up-top, so be ready to shoot him with your Spec Ops 1911.

Get out of the lift and then clamber up the scaffolding that's to the right of the door here. Hack into the camera to tag the guards, kill as many of them as you can, then head directly towards the main target.

Gang Hideout 6: No Parking, The Loop

Approach from a southerly direction, get in the blue lift, then head as far up as you can. Get out and immediately get into cover behind the wall ahead of you. Put a silencer on your weapon and kill the pair of guards nearby - use headshots to avoid being detected. Now hack into the nearby camera and tag your main target and the rest of the guards. Start picking off the enemy forces one by one, then zero in on your objective target when the coast is clear.

Gang Hideout 7: Two For One, The Loop

Head to the location from the north-east, then make your way up onto the roof using the flowerbeds. Get into cover behind the vent, then shoot the guard with your Spec Ops 1911 when he's not looking at you. Run across the curved roof and hide behind the next vents. Take out the next guard.

Now hack into the camera to your south and use it to tag the guards and both bosses. Use the vents for cover as you stealthily thin out the numbers, moving around the area in a clockwise direction. When the guards are dead, take out both bosses.

Gang Hideout 8: Gone in a Flash, Brandon Docks

Approach your target location from the south, then use the nearby camera to tag the guards and the boss. Stay high up and take cover behind the railing to deal with the first agents who come near you on their patrols. You should be able to take out at least three of them before making your way down onto street level.

When you head down, use the shadows of the containers for cover. Head clockwise around this zone, taking out the rest of the guards with your Spec Ops 1911. When you've got a clear run at the boss, rush in, kill him, then run like blazes to avoid the rest of his guards.

Gang Hideout 9: Street Cleaning, The Loop

Approach from the north-west and use the nearby dumpster truck for cover while you hack the camera. Tag the guards and the boss, then move in closer towards the hideout. When the guard patrolling by the van has his back to you, dart in and take him out.

Now head downstairs and get into cover behind the piles of wood. Use your Spec Ops 1911 to take out the nearby guards without attracting too much attention. Use Lures to bring them towards your position of relative safety, then take them out with headshots. When the seven guards have been dealt with, finish the boss.

Gang Hideout 10: The Tower, Mad Mile

Once you've used the cameras to tag the guards and the boss, pick off the former as you make your way towards a blue-coloured lift. Use it to get to the higher level, bypassing a few guards in the process. If the guards nearby won't turn away from you, use a Lure.

When you get to the next level up, simply take out the main target. Whether you to choose to run for your life or finish off the alerted guards is entirely up to you.

Gang Hideout 11: Beached, Pawnee

Make your way towards the target from the south-west, and get into cover behind a wall by the first three targets. Many of the guards in this zone carry cameras, so the trick is to dart from guard to guard until everyone's tagged.

Use your Spec Ops 1911 from your cover position to take out a couple of guards. This will bring a few people over to investigate the noise. Simply take these guys down in rapid succession, but be ready to move sides if anyone comes looking from the north-west.

Gang Hideout 12: Out of the Woodwork, Pawnee

Make your way across the bridge in a southerly direction, then get on the conveyor belt to access the mill. You should be in a good position to avoid the enemies up here, so hack into the nearby camera and tag everyone in the building.

From this position in the rafters, use your Spec Ops 1911 to kill as many as you can without raising the alarm. You'll be spotted eventually, but you're in a great position to deal with the rest as they approach. Simply aim, shoot and reload - you'll have them all down in no time. When the first pack of guards is down, kill the first of your main targets. Now head to the south-west and kill all of the guards standing between you and the second principal target.

Gang Hideout 13: Burning Bridges, Pawnee

As long as you get your timing just right, you shouldn't have too much trouble with this next hideout. Make your way towards the area from the south, jumping over the trailer as you go north into the restricted zone. Slip around the area as stealthily as you can and profile the guards before killing them. Eliminate the guard by the vehicle on the bridge, then look over to your right and up. Kill this guard then move in closer to take down your first main target.

Now head north and snipe the guard on the catwalk on the other side of the bridge and below. When he's dead, go downstairs, then look over the railing and shoot the guard. Keep carrying on north along the bridge's east side.

Drop down when no-one's looking, then head south and downstairs. Try to use cover to avoid being detected, but when you get down onto street level you should be able to sneak up on your second core target and eliminate him.

Gang Hideout 14: Decapitated, Pawnee

Approach the compound from the north-east, then go up the road until you can eliminate the sniper watching the cemetery. When he's dead, hack the nearby camera and start tagging the rest of the security team, as well as the single main target in this mission.

It can be tough picking the guards off silently here, so we recommend making use of the Spec Ops Goblin to take people out from higher ground. You may still draw attention, but you shouldn't have too much trouble staying alive and picking off any enemies that come your way. Once you've cleared the danger, get in and finish your target.

Gang Hideout 15: The Low Road - Mad Mile

Approach the location of this final Hideout from the south, climb up and onto the container, then take cover behind the wood up-top. This will keep you away from prying eyes as you hack the camera to tag all of your targets.

First, shoot the guard directly in front of you using your Spec Ops 1911. Now switch to your Goblin to deal with the guard who wanders over to see what's going on. Now look north and pick off the next guard you see in the distance.

Drop down and head anti-clockwise around the area until you're just to the rear of your main target. Pick off anyone standing between you and the big guy as you make your way forward. Finish off the boss, but don't worry about the remaining guards. You'll find it much easier to run away than fight them after clearing the main target.

Once you've finished clearing this final Hideout, you'll unlock the Basest Base achievement or trophy.

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