Watch Dogs - Weapons Trade Investigations, Saturday Night Special, They Call Him The Vigilante

How to find all nine weapon crates spread around Watch Dogs' city, complete We Hit The Motherlode, and unlock a new achievement.

If you want to unlock the Saturday Night Special achievement or trophy, you'll first of all need to complete all of the Weapons Trade Investigations sprinkled throughout Watch Dogs' city. If you've been following our guide up until this point, and have completed the earlier Investigations, you'll also unlock They Call Him The Vigilante for completing this entire category of side-mission content.

There are nine crates that you need to locate to finish this up mission chain and unlock the We Hit The Motherlode bonus mission. Seven of these crates also have nearby audio logs for those of you wanting to peel through yet another layer of the game's back-story.

Before you get started, we recommend unlocking the Combat Skill called Enforcer Combat Take Down, as it will really help you out with the final bonus mission. If for whatever reason you can't make use of this skill, just bring guns. Lots and lots of guns. The G-106 and M107 are great for the job, and you won't harm your chances by packing a few frag grenades IEDs while you're at it either.

Watch Dogs - Weapons Trade Investigations

Weapons Trade Investigation - 1

Weapons Crate 1 - Brandon Docks

Make your way to the northern island at Brandon Docks. Head to the north-west corner of the building and hack into the camera. You can now activate the unlock on the west side.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 2

Weapons Crate 2 - The Wards

Get to the northern section of The Wards, then look east, high up a building to find the next unlocking point. Make sure you grab the Audio Log while you're here too.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 3

Weapons Crate 3 - Parker Square

Head north from your last position and look for the crate in the south-east section of this district. Once you've got it, go to the east side of the building and hack into the nearby camera. Now look over the road and north in the direction of the flowing data. You'll find the unlock on the yellow building with the red awning.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 4

Weapons Crate 4 - The Loop

This next crate can be found on The Loop's west island. When you get to a garage door, go east and back onto the road. There's a camera high up on the building on your left - hack it, then look back at the garage and interact with the unlocking point. Once you've scanned the crate, make sure you take the Audio Log from inside the garage.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 5

Weapons Crate 5 - The Loop

Head to the southern end of this district, then look just north of the train station by a snaking in the tracks. The nearby garage has a camera - hack into it, then look over the alley. Scan the crate and grab the nearby log while you're here.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 6

Weapons Crate 6 - The Loop

Head north from your current position towards that bend in the tracks we mentioned earlier. The unlock point is north-west of the garage door. Keep following the data flow until it comes to a pile of stacked palettes. Take the Audio Log and scan the crate.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 7

Weapons Crate 7 - Mad Mile

You'll find the next weapons crate on Mad Mile's western island. Go up the ladder on the nearby building, then blow up the fence that separates you from the unlocking box. Now drop down and scan the crate.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 8

Weapons Crate 8 - Mad Mile

Make your way from the garage towards the Brewing Delight Coffee Shop. Go west through the tables outside, then look up and over the road to hack into a camera high up on a building. Now look over to the east and towards the garage to see the box. Check out the crate and grab the Audio Log before you leave.

Weapons Trade Investigation - 9

Weapons Crate 9 - Brandon Docks

Head south of the most northern island in Brandon Docks, just to the north-east of one of the gun shops marked on your map. Go south from the door, then head up three sets of stairs. The box you need is just to the right of the fourth staircase. Go north towards the garage door, then scan in the crate and get your last Audio Log.

Watch Dogs - We Hit The Motherlode

Time to get stuck into some tough opponents. You'll have to face down three waves of enemies, and each one is just a little bit tougher than the last. As soon as you get to the mission area, jump over the fence and head upstairs, using whatever cover opportunities present themselves. Stay away from the ground floor if at all possible - you can fight very comfortably from this higher ground.

When the first lot of enemies arrive, hack the local cameras to detonate environmental explosives as the bad guys wander by. You might also want to think about distracting them all into one cluster, so you can send them all off with one big bang. Keep your M107 handy though, so you can pick off any stragglers that don't get caught up in the blasts.

Use your IEDs to disable one of the second wave vehicles when it arrives, and don't forget to make use of your G-106 to eliminate a whole bunch of enemies in one go. For the most part, stick to picking off the pack with clean head-shots from your M107 if you can. If they bunch up, throw an IED or two into the mix.

The final wave is made up of a bunch of Fixer bosses. Kill as many of them with IEDs as you can when they arrive, but don't get spotted by these vicious fighters. If they see you, they'll come charging at you and make life very, very difficult.

Get a little distance from the pack after your first assault, then pick off the remaining bosses with your M107. This will get their attention, but you should be able to take enough of them out that this won't matter. Finish whoever's left with your G-106.

Once every last Fixer is dead, you'll unlock the Saturday Night Special achievement or trophy.

Looking for more Watch Dogs mission help? Head back to the first page of our guide to the game.

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