Watch Dogs - QR Codes, hidden messages, Gangstar Assault Rifle, Read-Only

How to find all sixteen QR codes sprinkled throughout Chicago, then finish the bonus hacking mission to unlock a special achievement or trophy.

You might have noticed a few QR codes littered here and there throughout the city as you played through Watch Dogs' single-player campaign. What's not so obvious is that a second piece of the code is located nearby, and if you line the camera up correctly you'll get to listen to a new audio log. Unlock them all and you'll even get your hands on the Gangstar Assault Rifle, as well as an extra mission that ultimately unlocks the Read-Only achievement.

Watch Dogs QR codes

QR Code 1 - South Parker Square

Get to the intersection by the Food & Liquor building. The code's just on top of this shop. To access it, walk south down the street, then hack the camera that's hanging low just above a pair of garage doors. Angle the camera around to look north and scan the code in front of you. Scan the code on your left and you'll see the message from G1gg1L3s 01.

Hidden Message: Hey DedSec! ┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐

QR Code 2 - North Parker Square

You can find this QR code just a little further up from the one detailed above. You'll find it on your right as you head north, right next to a For Rent sign. Now look down the alley to your left and you'll spy a camera on the corner of an old building. Scan the second QR code for your next hidden message.

Hidden Message: DedSec can suck my 8=====>

QR Code 3 - West Side of The Wards

You'll need a boat for this. Jump into one and then head over to the western part of the district, by the dam as it appears on your map. Look from the west to the east and you'll soon spot the code. Hack the camera on the dam to scan the code. Now use your mobile to scan in the code to your left to complete the message.

Hidden Message: Don't QQ if you can't find me

QR Code 4 - South End of The Wards

Approach the gun shop from the east and come to a halt nearby. Look for the camera that's on the southern side of the street, mounted on a very old building. If you hack it, you'll be able to look east to scan in the code, before using your mobile phone to crack the secret code.

Hidden Message: *\0/* U found one! *\0/*

QR Code 5 - West Brandon Docks

You'll find this next one on the Tidis building at the end of the bridge. Make your way over to the east end of this bridge and then hack the nearby camera to scan in a code. Now use your mobile to discover a new message.

Hidden Message: DedSec? More like DedSUC!

QR Code 6 - East Brandon Docks

Look for the building with a sign that says "Safe Energy Saves You Money". Go to the petrol station just north-east of this building, then hack the camera on a lamppost. Scan the code in to listen to another audio file, then grab the message with your phone.

Hidden Message: Mark IV style mut****cker!

QR Code 7 - Central Brandon Docks

Head to the train station, then stand on the western stairs that lead up to the platform. Hack the camera on the corner of the nearby building to scan the QR code, then unlock the message using your mobile phone.

Hidden Message: (^._.^) U can findz QR codes!

QR Code 8 - North Brandon Docks

When you get to the QR code, travel east until you've passed a pair of tall buildings. The camera you need to hack is on the corner of a nearby building. Scan the code in, then use your phone to get the message via the QR code on the left.

Hidden Message: U R getting WARMER

QR Code 9 - South end of The Loop

Make your way beneath the platform just to the east of the code. Walk towards the northern stairs that take you up onto the platform, but don't actually go up them. Hack the camera on the wall to your east, scan the code, then use your phone to grab the other piece of the puzzle to your left.

Hidden Message: Can U find D rest?

QR Code 10 - Southwest end of The Loop

Get below the highway until you're at the point of the shore where the three rivers come together. Hack the camera, and then point it in a south-easterly direction. The QR code is under the freeway. Once you've picked it up, use your phone to uncover the next message.

Hidden Message: BadBoy17? Bad, BOY, 17? Really?

QR Code 11 - Northwest island of The Loop

Go to the platform that's southwest of the code, then wait for the trains to pass. Get up on the tracks and walk northeast. After the bend, get on the platform to your right and then hack the camera on the wall. Angle the camera north to get the QR code into view, then finish the job with your phone.

Hidden Message: Itz all 4 d GIGGLES!

QR Code 12 - Northeast end of The Loop

You'll find this next code right in the middle of an alley intersection. When you reach the centre of it, walk down the north-east tangent, hack into the wall camera, then scan in the code. Now point your mobile at the monitor and scan it in for another message.

Hidden Message: G1gg1L3s... 1L... IL... Get it?

QR Code 13 - South Central area of Mad Mile

Go east of where the code is, and look high up a building wall to find the camera you need - it's just over the road from the Chicago Water Tower. There's actually a pair of cameras here, but you'll be plugged into the right one if you can connect the code to the west. Now use your mobile phone to decrypt the secret message.

Hidden Message: How U finding these? _

QR Code 14 - Northwest area of Mad Mile

To make things a little easier, you'll be able to find this code right by one of the fast-travel options unlocked on your map. When you arrive, look for a parking area which has a hackable garage door. Hack into the camera on the building to your right to get the code. Now use your smartphone to finish the job.

Hidden Message: U must werk out. >_<

QR Code 15 - Southwest area of Mad Mile

Get into a position just west of the code and over the road. Now look for a camera placed high up a building wall, look east with it, and then take the QR code that's just to the right of a billboard. Scan in the second part of the code with your phone for the next message.

Hidden Message: o_O O.O O.o O_テウ

QR Code 16 - Pawnee

There's only one code to find in Pawnee, so once you've grabbed it you're done. Make your way to the damaged bridge and get onto it. Hack the lamppost camera and look at the billboard. Scan in the code, then decrypt the final piece of the puzzle with your phone and you're done!

Hidden Message: ~~(8:> will U be my BFF? 4 realz!

Hack G1gg1L3s

As soon as you've nabbed all sixteen QR codes, you'll get a phone call from a contact at DedSec. Make your way towards the mini-map marker over in Mad Mile. When you get there, you'll have to hack into the intrusion box that's stuck to a building, then complete the hacking mini-game. As soon as you're done, upload the virus into the computer in G1ggL3s' home to both finish the mission and tick off the Read-Only trophy or achievement.

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