Watch Dogs - Foresight, hack ATMs, make money, 416 Full-Auto Assault Rifle

This mission might be easy, but if you're short of the cash you need to buy the rifle we'll show you how to make some very quick and easy money.

This ridiculously easy mission really doesn't need a walkthrough, but for completions' sake it gets a slot here. If you're struggling to get the cash needed to buy the rifle, we'll show you how to pluck it out of thin air.


- Purchase the 416 assault rifle

Simply open up your map and put a marker down on the mission objective that's indicated by a yellow symbol. As soon as you reach your destination, go inside the shop and buy the 416 Full-Auto Assault Rifle. You'll need $1200 to make the purchase - walk around town and hack pedestrians' phones for ATM cash if you don't have enough money on you.


You're after something just a little more powerful than this. Hack some cash if you're low on funds.

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