Watch Dogs: ctOs Towers, locations, Clear Signals, trophy, achievement

We've got a really simple guide that will help you locate and unlock every single ctOS Tower, and grab the Clear Signals trophy or achievement.

This next section of the guide will show you how to track down every single ctOS tower sprinkled around Watch Dogs' vision of Chicago. Not only will we show you where to find these towers, we'll also explain how to hack your way through security and install a backdoor for each one. Once you've unlocked every tower, you'll get the Clear Signals trophy or achievement, as well as map markers for all of the side missions, hideouts, collectible items and fast-travel options. Handy.

You'll be able to install the Parker Square backdoors as soon as you start the game, but only if you've dealt with the ctOS Systems sprinkled all around the vicinity. To do this, you'll have to have at least completed the Backstage Pass mission. Fortunately, this is very near the beginning of the game, and once you've finished it you'll be able to see all the System markers on your mini-map.

ctOS Tower locations

Brandon Docks ctOS Towers

ctOS Tower 1

Make your way to the tower that's at the south-eastern end of the docks. Now look for a car that's aligned with a container. Walk around the building, hack the panel, then drive the car into the container to get a lift up. Drive straight through the fence in front of you, then head through the gate and go up the ladder until you're at the ctOS tower proper. Install the backdoor, then head back down to street level.

ctOS Tower 2

You'll find this next tower on the western side of Brandon Docks. Go all the way around the building and hack into the camera that's mounted on a nearby building. Now unlock the gate that's just near where you came from. Go back and walk through the door you just hacked. Climb through the window, get over the fence, and then use the lift. As soon as you're up-top, go all the way around and then head through the gates to gain access to the tower.

ctOS Tower 3

Walk all the way around the back of the remaining tower and look for the camera that's mounted on one of the concrete structures. Hack into it, then hack the one mounted on a nearby white building. Angle it over to the right and then hack the panel you can see. Switch back to the previous camera, then hack into the camera located inside the white building. Use it to unlock the door, then ride the blue lift all the way up before climbing the ladder. Keep walking through the gates, until you're inside the white building. You can now install the backdoor.

Parker Square District ctOS Towers

ctOS Tower 4

You'll find this tower just a few blocks to the north-east of your very first hideout. Don't worry about stealing a car to reach it - by the time you arrive you could have just walked there. Access the forklift truck in the rear alley to get onto a walkway. Head along it until you come to a blue lift. Use the lift to get over to the next roof along, then climb up the air-conditioning units, before climbing up the yellow ladder. Now hack the camera that's on the other side of the fence and use it to open the door. Sneak inside and activate the backdoor.

ctOS Tower 5

You'll find this next tower just north of the first one in this district. Head up the dirt road until you reach the top of the hill where the tower's situated. Now walk through the gate and head around to the back of the building. Hack the camera on the wall, then use it to bring down the forklift and expose a new camera. Switch to this camera, then use it to open the nearby door. Head back to the fence opening, then walk through the gate towards the yellow ladder. Clamber up it, then simply drop down so you can install your backdoor.

The Loop District ctOS Towers

ctOS Tower 6

When you're done with the local ctOS System, you'll be able to see a total of three towers on your mini-map. Head towards the western one, then dip into the alley when you arrive. Now hack the fence camera, look all the way around, and hack the next one up. You can now unlock the gate using the hacking box by the billboard, before switching to the next camera - it's high on the wall where the garage door is. Use this camera to unlock the gate on the right. Now make your way through both of these access points, climb up the air-conditioning units, and get up on the roof.

ctOS Tower 7

This next tower is just to the south of the Loop district. When you arrive, you'll be able to see a blue-coloured lift. Before using it, make sure you hack the camera that's attached to the corner of the building. Now hack the one that's opposite your current camera and just a little higher up. Use this to get to the next camera, which can then be used to open the gate. Now swap over to the final camera. Hack the nearby panel, then get on that blue lift and travel all the way up. Climb over the air-conditioning units, then jump over the fence. Head upstairs, then get up onto the roof. Walk through the gate, climb up another pile of air-con units on your left, then pass through the final gate. Install the backdoor into the ctOS panel you find.

ctOS Tower 8

Make your way towards the final Loop tower, then enter the alley. Call the blue lift down, then use it to get up on the roof. Jump over the railing so that you land on the next roof below. You can now hack the nearby camera. Use it to open the door, then make your way back to the first roof you climbed onto. Walk through the gate to install your final Loop backdoor.

Mad Mile District ctOS Towers

ctOS Tower 9

Make your way towards the west end of the Mad Mile District. You should be able to see a bunch of people milling around in the courtyard when you arrive. First of all, hack the wall panel that's just beyond the fence. Now go through the alley and use the lift to get up on the balcony. From there, climb up the yellow ladder, walk through the gate, then head up the glass roof. Look behind you and hack the unlocking box you can see. Keep walking over the roof, then over the air-con units, then go through the gate. Head right, go over the next curved roof, then vault over the railing. You'll now be able to install the backdoor on the tower.

ctOS Tower 10

You'll find this next tower on the far west of Mad Mile - it's just behind an island near Parker Square. Hack into the camera that's just behind the black fence, then hack the gate. Head left as you face the building, until you're on the opposite side to where you started. Go through the gate you opened and head upstairs. When you've gone as far as you can, run all the way around the building until you come to a ladder. Go up it, hack the unlocking box, then walk through the gate and finish your work.

ctos Tower 11

Head to the final tower, then hack the garage door. Drive through it and make your way onto the third floor. Keep heading west, then leave your vehicle and climb up the yellow ladder ahead of you. Now go all the way around the building until you come to some air-con units. Climb them, then carry on walking around until you get to a panel. Once you've hacked it, double back on yourself a little and hack the next panel that grants you access to the server room. Hack into the laptop on the desk, then open the gate. You should now be able to climb up the air-con units to reach the tower itself.

The Wards District ctOS Towers

ctOS Tower 12

Start off at the western part of this district. If you're underneath a load of train tracks, you're in the right spot and should be able to see the tower from where you are. Pass through the unlocked gate opposite the tower, then head upstairs. Go up the ladder here, then walk through the next gate. Wait until the train has passed, then get on the tracks and walk towards the tower itself. Hack the nearby camera, then switch to the next camera to your left. Look below you and to the left and you'll be able to detonate a wall panel. Hack into the unlock panel that's revealed and you'll be able to pass through the gate and install the backdoor.

ctOS Tower 13

When you arrive at the next tower, walk all the way around the outside of the building until you see a blue lift. Use it to get up and then take control of the camera on the lamppost. Now switch to the one above your head. Hack the next camera via the door to get access to an unlocking panel. Now get up on the roof and walk through the newly opened gate. Turn right and climb up the air-con units. From here, look for another panel just below you, then hack it. Head back, go through a gap between the buildings and climb up the yellow ladder. Go through the gate to access the tower.

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