Watch Dogs - No Turning Back, Quinn, office, rooftop fight, download video

We've got a simple step-by-step guide to sneaking into Quinn's office, finishing the rooftop fight, grabbing the video and fleeing to safety.

This meaty mission concludes the fourth act of Watch Dogs. We'll show you how to slip inside the Merlaut Hotel without being detected, then clear the roof of even the toughest of enemies before making a dash for freedom.

No Turning Back

- Reach the Merlaut Hotel

- Eavesdrop on Quinn's party and find him

- Follow Quinn and the Mayor

Make your way to the Merlaut Hotel, then hack the panel when you reach the mission marker. Now change to the camera that's above you and wait for Quinn to get going. As soon as he does, swap over to the next camera along to the right, then onto the next one. You should be able to see a device on the table - hack it and wait for the conversation to finish.

- Access hotel's network and disable security

Look over to the right and then switch over to the camera in the next room along. Hack into the panel you find here to start another one of those hacking mini-games. Once you've finished fiddling with the device, you'll be able to hack the control panel located in the next room.

- Infiltrate the hotel

- Reach Quinn's office

The first thing to decide here is whether you want to sneak your way into the hotel, or go in with your guns out. If you're taking the stealthy approach, make sure you go to the southern side of the building and then hack the access point there. That'll open the door, allowing you to slip inside. Just be ready to take cover before you hack the corridor camera. Wait until you can see the guard in the right-hand hallway, then hack the drinks machine. When he comes closer to investigate, take him out.

Next, use the cameras to track the positions of the remaining guards. Now head around the corner and take cover in the next corridor. The trick here is to dart into the right-hand room, and then go immediately into the next room along. If your timing is very sharp, you may actually be able to head straight into this second room while the guards have their backs turned.

Hack the lift in this room, then get over to the side and be ready for a guard to step out of the lift. Kill him the instant the doors open, and then hack the lift itself so you can gain entry to Quinn's office. When the cut-scene ends, deliver the necessary takedown, then be ready to kill the guard on the opposite side of the room.

- Fight your way across the rooftop

Make sure you've got some explosives prepared, then head towards that door that leads to the roof. Use the explosives to kill the armoured guard up here, but be aware that he will follow you all the way inside if you backtrack - handy for separating him from the other guards. Even if one does make it inside along with their chunkier friend, the newcomer will be very easy to take down.

Once you've taken care of this tough guy, open the roof door again and then hack the camera that's over to your left. Flit between the cameras up here and use all of the environmental hacks to take out as many guards as possible. You'll make life much easier for yourself if you can block their comms to prevent reinforcements showing up. If the enemies do manage to call a helicopter in, use whatever explosives you have on you - IEDs, frag grenades, etc - to kill the guards while you stay in cover. When everyone's dead, you'll be able to quickly run to the mission marker. If you're not bothered by any aerial attackers, simple kill all the guard with gunfire, then head to your next objective.

- Find Quinn

- Profile Lucky Quinn

- Download the video

- Escape the hotel

- Escape the police

Make your way into Quinn's office, then go around his desk so you can see a hacking point. When you hack it, you'll open up the shutters. Take your mobile phone out and listen to Quinn talk, then hack his pacemaker. Hack it again in the next cut-scene to kill him. Grab the video from Quinn's office by hacking the access point, then run as fast as you can from the office, before going through the exit on your left.

You're about to face an intimidating police presence, so have a Blackout to hand, and get ready to use your helicopter-disabling skills if you have them. After leaving the building, wait in position until a helicopter shows up to your left. Disable it, then run left and get inside the lift. Hack it to head towards street level, then activate your Blackout. Run left, then head to the southern side of the hotel by the boats. Jump into a boat and then flee.

If you can't disable helicopters it's a little trickier. If you sidle stealthily over to the left you should be able to get inside a vehicle, then hit the gas and run. It's not easy losing the cops this way, but it is possible. Just keep an eye out for any underpasses that will help you avoid the gaze of the helicopter, and be ready to change vehicles if your current one takes too much damage.

- Race to save Clara

- Eliminate the hitmen

- Reach Clara

If you're not already in a car, grab one and then head to the next mission marker. When you get near you'll trigger a cut-scene, but be ready to fight a gang of enemies as soon as it finishes. When they're all dead, simply head towards Clara to finish this mission.

From cameras to guards, we'll help you get to grips with hacking in Watch Dogs.

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