Watch Dogs - Little Sister, phone hack, guide Nicky, hack network, fight or escape

It's easy to guide Nicky away from harm if you know what you're doing. Follow our step-by-step guide to getting her to safety nice and quickly.

The next Act 4 mission has you guiding another NPC to safety, and there are more than a few dangers lying between Nicky and freedom. We'll show you how to guide her past the guards without making so much as a peep.

Little Sister

Hack the network to find Nicky

The first task in this mission is to hack into the network so you can actually locate Nicky. Make your way over to the north-western section of the building, then wait just by the mission marker that indicates where the hack needs to happen. You can begin the hack undetected from this discrete position by the door.

- Take out Nicky's guard

- Hack the guard's phone

- Guide Nicky to a car

Change the camera angle so you can see over to the right, then switch over to the next camera along. Use this viewpoint to set off the explosives that are by the guard, then hack into the guy's mobile phone. When the cut-scene finishes, you'll have to guide Nicky towards a vehicle. All of the hacks you have access to - explosions, neutralising the guard's ability to call for backup, and so on - are random so we'll show you how to succeed using the standard environmental hacks. Try not to trigger explosions if you can avoid it though, as doing so will bring all the guards running.

Look over to your left so you can switch to the camera in the next room along. Use this new camera to look up and take control of the next device. Don't worry too much about the guard over on the right - he might spot Nicky, but she'll move so quickly that he won't get the chance to be properly alerted.

The first job is to distract the guard who's right up ahead of Nicky. Interact with the forklift to divert the guard's attention, then tell Nicky to get over towards the palettes on the left. Now switch to the camera on the far left, and get Nicky into position inside the big red carrier.

Change to the camera that's just over the right-hand yellow beam in the centre of the room. As soon as both the guard furthest to the right and his friend in the middle are looking away, get Nicky behind the carrier over on the right. Now swap over to the camera on the other side of the room so you can view proceedings from the opposite angle.

As soon as the guard nearest Nicky heads left, get her inside the orange container on the left. Change again to the camera above, then direct Nicky to the far right of the container, while remaining outside the guard's field-of-view. Change back to your previous camera and look around so you can see to the left of the yellow beam. When the guard wanders off, tell Nicky to take cover by the pipes below.

With all that fiddling about done, you've just got the one guard standing between Nicky and freedom. First, change the camera view until you're looking all the way over to the left. You'll have it in the right spot when you can see the car up ahead. If you look to the left of the stairs, you should also be able to make out some big boxes lying conveniently nearby. A protector to the left of the car represents the final piece of the puzzle.

Hack the protector so that the guard wanders off to see what all the fuss is about, then get Nicky into position behind the boxes as quickly as possible. As soon as she's in the correct position, trigger the lift that's just to the right of the distracted guard. This should attract his attention and allow you to send Nicky towards the car, although you may need to access the lift a couple of times before the distraction works. As soon as Nicky gets close to the vehicle, she'll jump in and speed off by herself.

Kill all Fixers or escape

If you fancy a firefight then by all means stick around and kill every last Fixer in the zone, or you can just jump into the same car you arrived in and leg it. Given how close you are to the exterior of the building, running is by far and away your easiest - and quickest - means of finishing up this mission.

You can find the rest of our Watch Dogs strategy guide from the index page.

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