Watch Dogs - The Defalt Condition, find Defalt, hack Defalt's server

We'll show you how to find Defalt, survive the first rooftop dash, then nab the data during the tense dash across town.

We hope you've mastered your Watch Dogs driving skills, as you're going to need them for this high-speed data download. We'll show you how to track down Defalt, then pinch that data from right underneath his nose.

The Defalt Condition

- Enter the Ambrose Theater discretely

- Profile guests to get to Defalt

- Hack Defalt's server

Make your way towards the theatre and then hack into the bouncer's phone. While he's distracted, slip inside the building. Get to the dancefloor, and then start running a profile on everyone you can see. You'll need to hack a number of these people before you can move on.

When you're ready for the next objective, make your way up the stairs that are over at the far end, then look around and up until you see a camera. Hack it, then look up and over to the right to switch to a new camera. Look up and left to swap to the next one in the sequence, then look up and to the right a little to find the hacking point for Defalt's server. Complete the hacking mini-game to move onto the next mission objective.

Chase Defalt

Keep going upstairs as you chase Defalt down. You'll have to climb over a number of boxes and get up ladders to make it to the rooftop. Ignore any explosions that go off around you as you ascend, as they don't cause enough damage to give you any lasting problems.

As soon as you get to the roof, get into cover as quickly as possible as a lot of fire's about to come your way. Kill all of the guards up here on the roof, and don't forget to take down the snipers who are dotted around the roofs of the nearby buildings - one's right in front of you, the other's to your right. When everyone's dead, go across the roof and then head downstairs until you reach the mission marker.

Chase Defalt and keep him in range

Download the data

Take down Defalt

Get down onto street level and grab a car as quickly as you can. It's essential that you get as close to Defalt as possible, and stay there as long as you can. If you don't maintain close range, the data download will fail until you get close again.

Watch out for the environmental traps that Defalt sets off during the chase, and he'll also try to ditch you by darting down side-alleys and racing through garages. Try to keep in mind that you're not actually trying to kill him, just stay near. If you manage to stay very close to his bumper, you can even afford to slow down a little when you take corners, if that helps keep you on the road.

As soon as the download has finished, you'll have to kill Defalt. Once he's dead, you'll automatically finish up this mission.

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