Watch Dogs - The Rat's Lair, access point, keep T-Bone alive, escape the Fixers

Don't miss our guide to keeping T-Bone alive in this frantic Act 4 mission. We'll also show you how to stand your ground and finish the fight.

Unlike previous missions, it's quite hard to flee the scene of this particular crime. We'll show you how to find the crucial access point, keep T-Bone alive, and then prepare to stand your ground when the reinforcements rock up.

The Rat's Lair

- Use the Profiler to find an access point

- Connect to T-Bone

As soon as you arrive at the coffee shop, grab your phone and then look across the road towards the north. You should find the hacking point just to the right of where you're looking. Start the hack, and then complete the mini-game to get access to the camera.

- Lead T-Bone to safety

Make your way up the stairs that are just to the west of your last hack, but don't go all the way up. As soon as you can see a camera in front of you, hack into it and check out the ground from above. This will help you get a bead on where the guards are, and what hacking opportunities they provide. Just make sure you don't interact with everything and send the guards scurrying off to investigate - if you do, they'll find T-Bone and set upon him.

Get tooled up and ready to fight, then work on all the hacking options available to you. It's very important that you kill all of the guards littered around this zone - fortunately there are plenty of cover options available to you. As for T-Bone himself, he does a pretty good job of looking after himself, but you must pick off any guards he struggles with when they're close. Stay sharp and you shouldn't have too much trouble keeping the pair of you alive.

- Kill all the Fixers or escape

As soon as T-Bone has sped off you've got a couple of options. Backup won't take long to arrive, and you can either get stuck into a firefight with the reinforcements, or jump into a vehicle and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Just be aware that escape is much trickier this time around, as you have very few environmental hacks to play with, and those that exist will be used against you! Unless you're extremely competent at handling Watch Dogs' vehicles, we recommend standing your ground and finishing the fight.

Whether you choose to flee or right, you'll finish up this mission as soon as you complete the objective.

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