Watch Dogs - In Plain Sight, van chase, kill the Fixer, escape the police

Don't miss our guide to preparing for the second Act 4 mission, chasing down the Fixer, and taking him out before the police show up.

Speed is of the essence in Act 4's second mission. We've got some essential tips for preparing for this fleeting fight, and escaping the attention of the police with the minimum of hassle.

In Plain Sight

- Take out the Fixer

- Escape the Police

Here's an important tip for whizzing through this mission - don't start it until you have a very zippy car parked right at the bottom of the stairs by the mission starting point. As soon as the starting cut-scene is over, jump in this car as fast as you can so you're not identified, then make your way to the next mission marker.

As soon as you arrive at your destination, you'll be tasked with catching up with the van and dealing with the driver inside. Make sure you do this as quickly as you can, otherwise you'll have to deal with the police at the same time. Kill the driver as soon as possible, then flee the scene and get out of police range to finish the mission.

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