Watch Dogs - Someone's Knocking, hacking game guide

Don't come unstuck solving the trickiest hacking game in the game so far. Our guide will walk you through every step of this fiddly mission.

The first mission of Watch Dogs' Act 4 is one very long, very fiddly hacking mini-game. We'll walk you through every single step of solving this tricky problem - don't forget to pause the game if you need to gather yourself mentally.

Someone's Knocking

- Enter the bunker to analyse Iraq's data

- Trace the hacker

Start the mission off to watch a cut-scene, then get ready to complete the hacking mini-game. These ones are pretty tricky to complete, so for this particular example we'll walk you all the way through the process.

The first thing to be aware of is that the screen you're working on will be interrupted multiple times, and the input you make might not be registered. Pay close attention as you work your way through the challenge, and make sure nothing's been missed. You'll also have some timed hacking challenges thrown your way, so make sure you stay focused on the job at hand at all times. In the final challenge, you'll even have to go back and revise your work, as a handful of pathway points will be randomly altered as you work on the hack. If that's giving you a headache, work backwards to wherever the blue line has failed, then make your repairs.

Time to clear the first hotspot. Turn the bottom left-hand point a total of three times. Now move the lower-right corner twice, then turn the upper-right hand point once. There's a point just above and to the left of this one. Turn it once. Look left and down to the next point along, and rotate it once. Now turn the far left point a single time. Head up and to the right, turn the point once, then go right and a little down to find the final point - turn it three times.

Onto the second hotspot. Begin at the centre point near the bottom, but not at the very bottom. Rotate it twice. Go along to the next point on the right and turn it twice. Turn the point above twice as well. Rotate the next point on the right a single time, ignore the next one above it, then twist the point to the right of it just once. Follow the line left and turn the next point you come to once. Move to the next point on the left and turn it around twice.

Go to the bottom left-hand point - just left of where you started - and rotate it twice. Now trace the line up until you come to a new point, and turn it twice. Move a single point to the left and turn it around once. Skip the next one that's above and to the right, but twist the one to the left of it a single time. Now trace the line over to the right and turn that point once. You can now start working on the final hotspot.

Just keep in mind that some of your handiwork will be undone as you work your way through this next part of the hacking game. Use the Pause button if you need time to think about your next move - that'll minimise the damage done to your hard work.

Begin at the point near the bottom and turn it around once. Now head right and turn the point you come to two times. Trace the line upwards and turn the next point you come to. Head right to the next point along and turn it a single time, then look into the corner on the right to find another point - turn it once. Look at the node that's above and to the left, then turn it a single time as well.

Nearly done. Look left and turn the next point along twice. Now head down beneath and to the left of the starting point, and turn it around twice. Follow the line up and rotate the next point you come to, then look up and to the left. Turn this point once. Keep tracing the line up and over to the left, then turn the next point a single time. Follow the line over to the right and rotate the adjacent point once. To complete the mission, turn the next two points on your right.

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