Watch Dogs - For the Portfolio, protect T-Bone, militia, defences, boat

We've got some very helpful tips that will make protecting T-Bone much, much easier as you finish up Act 3's explosive penultimate mission.

You'll need to think on your feet if you want to keep T-Bone alive during this epic showdown with the militia. We'll show you how to make the most of the environment to deal with the threat, and prevent the enemy from calling in the cavalry.

For the Portfolio

- Hurry to T-Bone's junkyard

- Eliminate the militia

- Regroup with T-Bone

You'll be able to pick up this mission from the same one that concluded the previous mission. Grab the nearby bike, then head over to the next mission marker, situated at T-Bone's junkyard. As soon as you arrive, find some cover and then access the cameras to trigger the local traps and tricks - this will kill most of the militia-men who are hanging around. Pick off any survivors, and then head towards the next marker on your mini-map to get together with T-Bone.

- Follow and defend T-Bone

- Defend T-Bone

- Eliminate the militia to help T-Bone escape

- Follow T-Bone to the boat

- Escape Pawnee with T-Bone

Tail T-Bone, then get into cover as soon as the next pack of enemies show up. Kill them as quickly as you can, then keep following T-Bone towards the middle of the yard. Get your explosives ready, as they'll help you keep T-Bone alive. Next, raise the protectors around the centre of the yard so that you have plenty of cover for the next part of the mission. Don't forget about the explosive traps littered around this area as well, and have your Jam Coms ready so the enemy can't call in reinforcements.

When all of the militia are dead, keep following T-Bone, then repeat the whole process until you get to the boat. As soon as you reach it, jump in and get far away from the crime scene to finish up the mission.

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