Watch Dogs - The Future is in Blume, infiltrate Blume, ctOS boxes, profiling, spyware

Our guide to sneaking into Blume without being detected, installing T-Bone's spyware, then escaping without getting busted by the guards.

The next of Act 3's missions is one of the longest in this section of the game. Here's our guide to getting into Blume without being spotted, profiling the ctOS boxes, installing T-Bone's spyware, then escaping undetected.

The Future is in Blume

- Reach Blume

- Infiltrate Blume unseen

As soon as you get to the mission starting point you'll be directed towards Blume. Head to the entrance when you arrive, then get over to the right until you can see the barred opening. Peek through it towards the next building along, then hack into the camera that's mounted onto it. Now look up so you can switch over to the laptop camera in the security room.

Look up and over to the left until you can see a camera located in the corner of this room. There are two hackable panels nearby - one right in front of you, and another that's hidden away a little on the right-hand wall. Hacking both of these panels will open up the gate, as well as the door that leads into this room.

Make your way through the gate, but get into a cover position when you reach the door that leads to the security room. There's a guard nearby. Wait for him to turn ever so slightly away from the room, then dart in and take down the guard located inside. There are a few hackable objects nearby which you can make use of if you want to make this process a little easier for yourself.

Once he's been taken care of, you next need to deal with the pack of guards that are surrounding your mission objective. One of them patrols around the middle of the zone, one stands still by the mission target, while the final guard is way off to one side.

Eliminate the guard that's furthest away from the others first, but make sure you wait for the wandering guard to be as far away as possible when you do so. As soon as you've finished with this first guard, hack open the nearby panel - this will open a gate and provide you with an emergency exit route if you foul the next bit up.

As soon as the patrolling guard spots the body, dart in and quickly perform a takedown. You should have no trouble dealing with the third guard at this point - simply sneak up unnoticed and kill him. All you have to do now is interact with the panel.

- Profile the ctOS box

- Find and activate the ctOS boxes

The next order of business is to locate and profile the ctOS box in a nearby room. Over by the solar panels you'll see a pair of guards, but you can safely ignore this threat for now, as they're unable to actually see the entrance to the room that houses the box.

Get inside and then look over at the ctOS box to perform the profile. Next, use the white lines to find the next ctOS box. Leave the room and head in a north-easterly direction, using the nearby camera to track the locations of the four guards. The first guard is very easy to deal with, as his friend can't see him over the supplies palette.

Now look at your mini-map, and be ready to act when the guard around the next corner starts walking away from the other guard who's nearest to you. When that happens, hack the phone in the room you're attempting to infiltrate and distract the guard. As soon as he turns around, perform a takedown and then dart into the room and get hacking.

Head to the opposite part of the compound now, near the two guards you spotted by the solar panels earlier. Hide at the very top of the stairs, then hack the camera so you can turn the nearest solar panel around. This will give you a bit of cover to crouch behind, but don't move from your spot just yet.

Hack the camera that's just above the room by the guard who never moves out of his position. When the patrolling guard sets off, use the Attract hack that's in this room. Assuming the guard who just wandered off can't see you, take him down quickly before the other one returns. If he's looking at you, hack the solar panel to turn it around. This will distract him and give you the opportunity to take him down.

Regardless of the approach you take, the remaining guard will discover the body eventually. Approach him for the takedown from any angle you wish, as there are no more guards who can catch you in the act. Once he's been taken care of, go inside the room, grab the electronic parts by the hacking point, then interact with the box.

- Break into Blume's network unseen

Make your way back towards the main ctOS box, then finish the hacking mini-game. Once you've completed it, you'll have access to a new camera.

- Install T-Bone's spyware

- Locate Damien's meeting

- Exit Blume

Look up and then interact with the hacking point so you can get the spyware installed. As soon as the nearby guard heads around the corner, switch over to his camera, then wait until he goes through the next door along. Now shift your view up and over to the left in order to get access to the camera in the next room.

When you've finished eavesdropping on the conversation, it's time to leave the facility. Get into cover so you have some protection from the first wave of guards. Stay hidden, and avoid being spotted by any of them, and they'll eventually return to their regular positions. Once they've done so, you should find it pretty easy to sneak out of the main gate entrance without anyone seeing you.

Once you're out, make your way towards the mission marker in the south-west corner of the facility. As soon as you reach it, you'll finish the mission.

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