Watch Dogs - Unstoppable Force, convoy, IED, armoured guards

Preparation is key to finishing this mission up nice and quickly. We'll show you what to pack, and how to use it to eliminate your target.

This next mission might be brief, but you can make life even easier for yourself by heading into battle prepared. We'll show you what to stock up on, and how to send your target off with a bang.

Unstoppable Force

Take out the convoy before it reaches Blume

Before heading out on this mission, make sure you grab any supplies you're short of. IEDs and other explosives are particularly useful, so grab 'em and then start the mission.

Get into position up ahead of the convoy, at an intersection somewhere along its future route. Place an IED in the middle of the road, and then get into cover behind your vehicle. As soon as your priority target gets close to the explosives, detonate them. Your target will leave the vehicle when this happens, so get ready to throw another bomb their way.

As soon as your mission target is dead, finish off the read of the armoured guards, or just leg it away from the scene of the crime as quickly as possible. The mission will automatically end when you get far enough away.

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