Watch Dogs - A Pit of Paranoia, helicopter hack, find Blume chiefs, restricted area

How to identify both of the Blume security chiefs, take them out without alerting the guards, then escape from the compound to safety.

You'll have to actually identify the Blume security chiefs before you take them out. We'll show you how to do so using the helicopter's cameras, assassinate them without being spotted by the guards, then make it out alive.

A Pit of Paranoia

- Tail the helicopter

- Hack the chopper to find 2 security chiefs. Stay undetected

Before you start this fun fourth mission, ensure you've got a vehicle located near the mission point. You'll be be challenged to track a helicopter very soon after the mission begins, but when you reach its destination you should avoid charging straight into the restricted compound. Instead, wait outside and circle the perimeter until you've got a clear view of the chopper.

When you can see the helicopter, hack it and take a look through the camera. Inspect all of the people on the ground until you've located both of the security chiefs. Generally speaking, you'll find one of the chiefs to the left of the restricted compound, while the other can be found towards the rear. The helicopter keeps moving as you're doing this, so it shouldn't take too much time to pin both of them down.

- Take down both Blume security chiefs

Now that you've identified the two Blume chiefs, get ready to put them in the ground. Make your way over to the north-eastern section of the compound, and you should be able to get inside pretty close to the first target. Take him out, then hack his phone.

Next, leave the restricted zone and make your way over to the north-western section. Using the fence for cover, hack into the drinks machine to attract the attention of the guard, then knock him out. Take cover behind the nearby car, then wait for the armoured guard to walk by before you run towards your final target.

- Kill all militia members or escape

Now that both security chiefs have been taken care of, you're either going to have to kill every man standing - as well as the helicopter - or simply grab one of the vehicles nearby and escape the scene as fast as you can. If you've been taking the stealthy approach up to this point, you might find the remaining fighting force a little overwhelming, so take our advice and get out of there as fast as you can. The mission will end when you've lost all the guards.

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