Watch Dogs - Let's Play Make a Deal, T-Bone, truck, militia, compound

Follow our simple guide to keeping up with T-Bone, getting his truck back from the militia, and then fleeing the scene in one piece.

If you're struggling with the third mission of Watch Dogs' third act, use our guide to plucking T-Bone's truck from right under security's noses, then fleeing the scene without falling foul of the guards.

Let's Play Make a Deal

- Follow T-Bone

- Activate T-Bone's trap

- Follow T-Bone (again)

- Steal back T-Bone's truck

Keep on top of T-Bone and hack the trap when you're instructed to do so. Start following him again, and make sure you grab the nearby weapon when he comes to a halt. At this point you need to head to the new objective marker on your mini-map. Use the motorcycle that's on the perimeter of the compound to get back to the main part of town quickly.

As soon as you arrive, make your way to the eastern side of the building, then climb up the ladder by the rubbish bin. When you get to the roof, keep your eyes peeled for the lone guard who's patrolling around the area. When he saunters over to the far side from where you are, dart in and take him out. Take a moment here and use the local camera network to scope out the positions of every nearby enemy.

The challenge here is to make it to the truck located in the middle of the lot. You've got a couple of ways to approach this problem. If you have the patience for it, you can wait until all four guards patrolling near the vehicle turn their backs, then jump down from the roof and pinch the truck from right under their noses. Execute this perfectly and you'll be spotted, but complete the objective regardless. Mow down the final guard blocking the exit and you'll be on your way

If you don't fancy this approach, make use of the various tricks and traps that can be hacked out of the environment to get rid of most of the guards. You can then pick off the remaining militia before stealing the truck at your leisure.

- Drop off the truck

- Kill all militia members or escape

Regardless of the approach you choose to take, drive straight ahead when you're out of the compound, then head towards the right. Once you've triggered a new objective, quickly open up your map and set a GPS marker so you can keep on trucking without getting lost.

You'll be attacked by many more enemies as you continue your journey. If you have the appropriate hacking skills, you can use the environment to stop them in their tracks. If not, jump out of the truck when you arrive at the objective, then grab the motorbike that's right in front of you.

Do whatever it takes to shake off the heat, or stop your escape if it's going on too long and simply gun the lot of them down. As soon as they're dead, or you've managed to make a successful break for freedom, you'll automatically finish up this mission.

From cameras to guards, we'll help you get to grips with hacking in Watch Dogs.

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