Watch Dogs - Hope is a Sad Thing, drinking game, Ray Kenney, gate, password, antenna

We'll walk you step by step through this rather fiddly mission, then show you how to steady your hand for the drinking game at Jed's bar.

Ready for a little light platforming? You'll need to trigger antennae, walkways and lifts in a specific order to open up one very simple gate in Act 3's second mission. We'll show you the precise order for navigating this challenge, then give you a little advice for successfully finishing the wobbly drinking game.

Hope is a Sad Thing

- Locate a guard with the access code

- Use the Profiler to find the reset code

When you begin this mission you'll be sent off to a nearby hacking point. Be aware, however, that when you start your hack you'll be stopped out of nowhere. To find the reset code, you'll have to wander around the local area and use your Profiler to investigate all of the nearby people. One of the two nearby marina employees has this code, so get hunting - the person in question can often be found by the pier if you're struggling to find them.

- Enter the new password in the marina computer

- Infiltrate the ctOS tower

Now that you have the code, make your way back to the terminal and have another go at hacking in. Once you're done, make your way to the next marker on your map, then approach the locked door. Look up and take control of the camera above you, then hack the unlock point to open the door.

- Activate the station to access data

Make you way downstairs, then head right when you reach the bottom. Hack into the next camera you see, then keep switching through devices until you find the hacking point that controls the door. Head back upstairs and make your way towards the massive antenna to the rear of the complex - head in a north-westerly direction to find it.

Go up the stairs, then hack the central antenna to bring the walkway near. Get onto it, then repeat your hack to be transported over to the other side. Get off the walkway now and use the antenna to send it back to its starting position.

There's a camera over on your right. Hack into it, then look up and over to the right until you see two more cameras. Hack the one that's furthest to the right, then use the hacking point directly in front of you to unlock a gate. Go back downstairs and head through the gate you've just opened.


The middle section of this mission is a little fiddly. We'll walk you all the way through it.

Make your way up the ladder here, then hack the central antenna once more. When the satellites have been shifted out of position, take the stairs to your right and get out onto the walkway in front of you. If you look left, you'll be able to hack the antenna again. Do so, then head over the walkway. Once you're off the walkway, hack the antenna again.

If you look down you should be able to see a lift. Hack it so that it's level with the walkway, then climb inside and travel all the way down. When you leave the lift, walk downstairs and pass through the gate you come to. Take a right to grab an audio log for your collection, then take the electronic parts that are next to a nearby laptop.

Make your way to the opposite end of the hallway, then hack the exploding panel you can see on the other side of the gate. Now run as quickly as you can back upstairs, so that you avoid the worst of the chain of blasts.

After the big bang's finished, walk through the gate that's been opened, then hack the unlocking point that's just to your left. Keep travelling past this panel, then head up the hill towards another gate. You should now find yourself on the ground floor of the yard.

Travel down the central concrete stairs, and pass through the open gate. All you now need to do to complete your current objective is interact with the control point in the centre of the room.

- Look for Ray Kenney at Jed's bar

Walk away from the Control Center and start heading towards Jed's bar, highlighted on your mini-map. You'll find the entrance on the south-eastern side of the building. As soon as you head inside you'll trigger a cut-scene.

Halfway through the cinematic you'll have to participate in a drinking game. All you have to do here is move the circle over the icons, then press the appropriate button when the circle's in position. As you're a little bit tipsy, however, you'll find the controls to be just a little bit shaky.

Things get a little trickier after the first handful of games you play. For the fourth game, you have to hover the circle over a pair of question marks before the icon's revealed. When you hit the button this time, a column of new icons will appear. Just be very sure you hit this column before you attempt to tackle the final question mark - otherwise you risk running out of time. You'll automatically finish up this mission when you successfully complete the game.

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