Watch Dogs - Pawnee ctOS Control Center, Pawnee access code, guard camera

We've got a simple guide that will help you infiltrate this server centre, get the access code, and hack the server without being spotted.

Another ctOS Control Center stands between you and the next set of missions in Watch Dogs' single-player campaign. We'll show you how to infiltrate the base, locate the server, then slip back into the shadows unseen.

Pawnee ctOS Control Center

- Locate a guard with the access code

Grab a boat and get to the eastern side of the control centre, then keep your eyes peeled for a patrolling guard by the building on your far right. Hack into this guard's camera, then use it to switch to the camera over on the left. You can't hack any of these cameras if you're still in control of the boat, so make sure you've taken your hands off the steering wheel before starting the infiltration!

Once you've assumed control of the main area camera, investigate all of the nearby guards until you find the one who has the access code. This particular guard's patrolling route is pretty wide, so you need to exercise a little bit of patience as you track him down. His route typically starts off at the north-eastern section of the zone, so begin your sweep by angling the camera all the way over to the left. Hack the code to move onto the next set of objectives.

- Hack the ctOS server

- Leave the area

Now take your boat further north until you get to a large tree that's tumbled over right by the location of the ctOS server (this location is marked on your map). Get your boat beneath this tree, then park up just by the rocks that are over on your left. You should now be able to jump off the boat and onto these rocks, before heading up the cliff towards the fenced-off area that houses the server itself. It might look as though you can't climb this steep slope, but Aiden can clamber up it pretty easily.

You now need to look out for a single guard who's patrolling around this fenced-off section. When he turns his back to you, go right around this zone and dart through the door on the far side. Get inside, complete the timed hacking-game, then escape the same way you came in to finish up this mission.

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