Watch Dogs - Planting a Bug, contact Bedbug, Iraq's server room, escape the Viceroys

There's a lot of fiddly camera work to be done in the penultimate mission of Act 2. We'll show you exactly how to guide Bedbug to his objective.

There's some complicated camera work to be done as you guide Bedbug towards his ultimate objective. Follow our guide to jumping between these cameras and you'll have no trouble beating this penultimate mission of Watch Dogs' second act.

Planting a Bug

- Get into position and contact Bedbug

As soon as you reach the starting point of this mission, Aiden drops the bug into the rubbish bin. Grab the audio log from the bar, then go outside and make your way to the next waypoint.

When you get there, make your way around to the southern side of the mission area - scaling the fence to get there - and then use the forklift truck that's left of the gate to gain access. Now use the big carrier for cover before hacking into the camera that's just above your objective marker. Look left and switch to the next camera along before hacking the door panel that's to your right.

Don't do anything else quite yet. Instead, wait for the nearby guard to start walking away, and keep your eyes peeled for the second guard on the other side of the mission area. When both of them are looking away from you, run as quickly as you can towards the door. There's very little margin for error here, so don't stop for a moment. If you're spotted, get into cover as quickly as you can, and prepare for a pretty intense fight. They'll even throw explosives your way.

Guide Bedbug to Iraq's locked server room

Your next challenge is to get Bedbug into position without him being detected. First of all, wait for the corridor guard to walk around the corner, then send Bedbug down the hallway. You need to do this very quickly, or the guard will come back and spot him. You can access the camera at the very end of the corridor if you want to get a better view of things.

Now direct Bedbug to assume a position just behind the palette by the laptop. The patrolling guard won't spot him from here as he's just out of visible range. You should be able to see a guard in the room to your left. If you can't see him, hack the laptop camera, then use it to switch to the camera in the nearby room. As soon as you see the guard, switch back again.


Our approaching to infiltrating the ctOS building is a little subtler than this...

When both guards are out of Bedbug's way, position him in the other room. Switch to the other camera, and wait for the guard to get to the other side of the room and turn his back. Quickly get Bedbug in place behind the desk.

Change over to the camera on the other wall, then switch to the camera in the next room along. Look right and hack into the laptop. You should now be able to distract the guard by making use of the 'Attract' option over to your right. When he turns his back, get Bedbug to take cover behind the next desk, over by the laptop.

Take control of the camera in the corner of the room, then look right and switch to the camera in the next room along. Use this device to keep track of the guard located at the end of the corridor. As soon as he turns around, get Bedbug to hide behind the palette by the door. Hack the panel near Bedbug, then move on to the next camera. When the guard in the next room starts moving, transfer Bedbug to the bit of wall that's just ahead of the new room. Keep switching between cameras until you can see the guard in the next room.

Distract him using the 'Attract' item that's on the table right beneath the camera. Next, direct Bedbug to go through the door on your left. Change back to the camera by the door straight away, then get Bedbug to move towards the wall panel. Hack the panel and take control of Bedbug's camera. When he goes to the next room along, you can use this camera to unlock the door.

Take charge of the camera in the next room as soon as you're able to do so, then hack the device and complete the mini-game. Once you've done so, you'll be able to steer the camera left, then hack the door itself to open it.

- Escape the Viceroys

Go through the set of doors and then jump into one of the cars outside the building. Drive away from the scene as quickly as possible, avoiding as many of the enemy cars as possible. You'll finish up the mission as soon as you get out of their sight.

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