Watch Dogs - Role Model, find Jackson, environment hacks, hacking skill

We've got some essential tips and tricks to help you survive the intense firefights of the Role Model mission, and quickly track down Jackson.

This mission might look brief on paper, but there are plenty of enemies to deal with as you look for Jackson. We'll show you how to make good use of the many environmental traps sprinkled throughout this mission, so you can reach your objective without getting shot down.

Role Model

- Eliminate all enemies

- Defend against reinforcements

Take control of the camera that's right at the end of the parking lot, then use it to jump between all of the cameras both inside and outside the structure in front of you. As you switch between cameras, use all of the traps you find to destroy as many guards as possible.

Once you've exhausted all of your environmental options, get into cover behind the cars and shoot down the remaining enemies one by one. If you get spotted and a general alarm is raised, keep moving between cover points, and make use of explosives to take out more than one guard at a time.

As soon as you've finished polishing off the first set of guards, reinforcements will quickly arrive. Assuming you have a high enough hacking skill rating, you can use all of the tricks and traps in the parking area to kill every last assailant. If you lack the skills to take this approach, get onto the second floor of the building as quickly as you can, and shoot them the moment they leave their vehicles.

- Find Jackson

When all of the enemies have been dispatched, it's time to start the hunt for Jackson. Get onto the third floor and look for the hacking point that's upstairs and by a door. Accessing the point will unlock the door itself and allow you to pass on through. Keep walking forward until you eventually come to Jackson.

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